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A Workflow Engine function that is essentially the same as exportViaRest, but is modified to use an Inform payload rather than a CEvent-populated payload to complement the getPayloadFromInform function.

Three modified functions were released in Add-ons v2.3.5:

These functions have the same behaviors as the base export functions, but they only use an Inform-based payload (one created from the getPayloadFromInform function). The function returns false if it cannot find an Inform-based payload.

As with the getPayloadFromInform function, any substitution reference should be for the workflowContext and not an alert or Situation contents. These functions (and getPayloadFromInform) are “eventless” and should only be used where an alert or Situation is not passed as part of the sendToWorkflow call.

If a sendToWorkflow call is passing an alert_id or sitn_id or object as part of the call, then use the standard eventful getPayload and exportViaRest functions.

This function is available as a feature of the Add-ons v2.3.5 download and later.

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For arguments and other details, refer to exportViaRest.