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Configure Clustering Algorithms

Clustering algorithms in Moogsoft Enterprise group alerts based on factors such as time, language, similarity and proximity. See the Clustering Algorithm Guide for more information.

You can configure the following Moogsoft Enterprise clustering algorithms:

  • Cookbook: A powerful clustering algorithm that creates clusters defined by the relationships between alerts and their attributes. To configure Cookbook and Recipes, see Configure Cookbooks and Recipes.

  • Tempus: A time-based algorithm that clusters alerts into Situations based on the similarity of their timestamps. To configure Tempus, see Configure Tempus.

  • Merge Groups: Enables you to set a similarity threshold so that Moogsoft Enterprise merges Situations created by different clustering algorithms that meet this threshold. To configure merge groups, see Merge Groups.

You can also configure Cookbooks and Recipes, Tempus, and Merge Groups via the Graze API.

The Settings > Import/Export option in the Moogsoft Enterprise UI enables you to export clustering algorithm configurations from one Moogsoft Enterprise system and import them into another. For example, from a test environment to your production environment.

To learn more, watch the Alert Clustering training video at Moogsoft University. You will need access credentials to view it. Please contact your account manager to receive credentials.