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Additional Configuration Workflow Integration

This integration tile allows configuration on miscellaneous workflow related items:

  • Situation Similarity Action configuration

    • Previously configured via config file: ($MOOGSOFT_HOME/config/SigSimilarity.conf)

  • Situation Labelling Common Details

    • Previously configured by modifying the SituationMgrLabeller moobot.

Configure an item

To configure an item:

  1. Install the integration and give it an appropriate name. "AdditionalConfigurations1" is the default name.

  2. Click the “Add new configuration” button to create a new item.

  3. Select the required configuration type from the drop-down selection menu:


    Each selection will expose a specific form for that configuration (see below). If multiples of the same configuration are added, the last configuration will be used in the associated action.

Situation Similarity Action Configuration

This configuration is used by the hasSimilarSituations and getSimilarSituationDetails actions and provides the Graze user, password, webhost and trquest timeout used to retrieve similar situation details.

This configuration, which used to be defined in a configuration file ($MOGOSOFT_HOME/config/SigSimilarity.conf), has been replaced with a UI-based configuration. If both the UI-based configuration and the configuration file contents are defined, the UI-based configuration will take precedence.




Graze Username

The Graze username that will be used for the getSimilarSituations API call.

Select the user from the drop down list. This list contains all users with the “Grazer” privilege.


The password for the selected Graze username.


The URL of the Moogsoft UI server. Example:

Fetch limit

The number of similar situations to return. Default is the first 100.

Request timeout

The timeout for the API call.

Situation Labeler Common Details

This configuration allows a common labelling schema to be applied to all situations. For example, it allows a common set of $MAP[...] macros to be used, eliminating the need to repeatedly specify them on a per-recipe basis.

This configuration was previously defined in the SituationgMgrLabeller.js moobot, and was disabled (commented out) by default:

// ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
// Define some commonDetails - all situations will have this appended to the template
// primary use case is for adding the same custom_info to all situations, but this can
// also contain the usual $<TRANSFORMER>(field) syntax.
// sigUtil.setCommonDetails("$MAP[$UNIQ(source,hostList) $$SERVICES(" );
// ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The UI-based configuration makes it easier to modify this. If both the moobot and UI-based configurations are used, the UI configuration will take precedence over the moobot-based one.

The UI has one field, Common Details, that uses the same syntax as the labeler.