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A Workflow Engine function that sends an incident resolve request to ServiceNow.

This function is available for alert and Situation workflows.

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Workflow Engine function resolveServiceNowIncident has no arguments.

The setServiceNowPayload function must be used in the workflow prior to setting the payload for the request with requestType of resolve.


The following example demonstrates typical use of Workflow Engine function resolveServiceNowIncident. In this case, the the workflow resolves related incidents in the target ServiceNow system using the defined payload, resolveSituationTicket.

Sample Workflow - Resolve ServiceNow Incident (Situation Integration WFE)



Entry filter

Empty (can be added) as initiated from Client Tool or other Workflow Engine


0 seconds (set as needed)

Get/Check correlation info


Run the action to check for related ServiceNow incidents

serviceName: ServiceNowMgmt

contextName (optional):

Set payload


Build request payload and save to workflowContext

instance: $(workflowContext.passedInstance)

requestType: resolve

payloadTemplate: $(workflowContext.passedPayloadTemplate)

Resolve related incident


Send create request using workflowContext from previous action

The workflow takes input values from workflowContext (set in the corresponding workflow in the Situation Actions Workflow Engine, which initiates this request) and, in this case, issues a request to ServiceNow to resolve the related incident while setting the field values as defined in the payload or payload rules.


A similar function is provided for alerts in the Alert Actions and Alert Integration WFE and can be initiated when an alert is resolved or closed.