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Enrichment API

You can use this integration to configure an Enrichment API endpoint for use with the Workflow Engine.

The Enrichment API provides a HTTP interface for you to manage enrichment data in a MySQL datastore and use the data in workflows. See Enrichment Overview for more information on enrichment in Moogsoft Enterprise.

For a tutorial on how to set up and configure the Enrichment API, see Enrich Alerts Using the Enrichment API.

After you configure the endpoint, you can use it with the following Workflow Engine functions:

  • getEnrichment: Retrieves data from the enrichment datastore.

  • setEnrichment: Updates a single record in the enrichment datastore with data from an alert.

  • setEnrichmentBulk: Updates multiple records in the enrichment datastore with an array of data from an alert.

  • deleteEnrichment: Removes data from the enrichment datastore.

Before You Begin

Before you start to set up your integration, ensure you know the following values for your endpoint:

  • Connection Information: Configuration required to access the datastore endpoint within your environment. See ExternalDb for more details.

The default values use the Moogsoft Enterprise Percona cluster as the datastore.

Configure the Enrichment API Integration

To configure the datastore endpoint, provide the following:

  • A unique integration name. You can use the default name or customize the name according to your needs.

  • All information required to access the endpoint.

See the Enrichment API Reference for detailed descriptions.

After you configure the Enrichment API, load your enrichment data into the datastore. See the Load Enrichment Data step of the Enrich Alerts Using the Enrichment API tutorial.

Use an Endpoint in a Workflow

After you complete the configuration, you can start to use the endpoint in your workflows. For example, in the getEnrichment action to retrieve enrichment data.