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Mib2lam Command Reference

This is a reference forMib2lam utility that converts MIBS into LAMbots. The mib2lam command-line utility accepts the following arguments:




-c, --config <arg>

String <filename>

Filename containing configuration options. Defaults to ../config/mib2lam.conf



Include all variable bindings in custom_info.eventDetails. Defaults to true.



Include all varbinds in the description. Defaults to true.



Checks for SNMP v1 traps to be forwarded as SNMP v2c traps. Defaults to true if SNMP v1 traps are detected.



Creates a generic function that each trap calls rather than a function per trap. Defaults to false.

-h, --help


Display the Mib2lam utility syntax and option descriptions.

-l, --loglevel <arg>


Log level controlling the amount of information that Mib2lam logs. Defaults to WARN.

--mibfile <arg>

String <filepath>

Filename and path for the Mibparser's output. If you do not supply a file path, it uses a /tmp/ location.

--module <arg>

String <name>

Module name. If not entered, the utility prompts for a name to be entered when it runs.

--oid <arg>

Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1) or text

Start point in the Object Identifier (OID) tree. This is mandatory.


Integer <related value>

Returns the related alerts with a certain degree of similarity. The default is 35%.


Integer <severity value>

Calculates the severity of the trap. To do this, Mib2lam finds and uses a suitable severity bearing variable binding.



Displays the configuration and any defaults.


Integer <similarity value>

Sets the similarity value between 0 and 100 between two traps for them to be considered related. The default is 35%.



Enable to generate a file of test traps for each trap. Defaults to false.

For the Boolean arguments, use=falseto disable any that are enabled by default. For example, if you did not want to Mib2lam to generate a file of test traps:

./mib2lam --traps=false