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A GET request that returns the Mean Time To Acknowledge (MTTA) Situations in the specified time range.

The time to acknowledge (TTA) for a Situation is the duration from the first event's inclusion in the Situation to the time when a moderator assigns a Situation to a user in Moogsoft Enterprise.

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Request arguments

Endpoint getMTTAStats takes the following request arguments.


Endpoint getMTTAStats returns the following response:

Successful requests return a JSON object containing the following:






"Mean Time to Acknowledge (MTTA)"


Number Array

An array of data points. Each data point is an array in the format [data point, timestamp]:

  1. Data point: MTTA (seconds) for that bucket.


The following examples demonstrate typical use of endpoint getMTTAStats:

Request example

A cURL command to return the MTTA for Moogsoft Enterprise over a 24 hour time range from 11.09am on Sunday 17th December until 11.09am on Monday 18th December 2017:

curl -G -u graze:graze -k -v "https://localhost/graze/v1/getMTTAStats" --data-urlencode 'from=1513508950' --data-urlencode 'to=1513595370'

Response example

A successful response returns the MTTA in seconds for each hour:

        "datapoints": [
                [312.0, 1513657700000],
                [209.0, 1513661300000],
                [101.0, 1513664900000],
                [114.0, 1513668500000],
                [203.0, 1513672100000],
                [120.0, 1513675700000],
                [201.0, 1513679300000],
                [90.0, 1513682900000],
                [100.0, 1513686500000]
        "target": "Mean Time to Acknowledge (MTTA)"