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Manage Roles

Roles group the permissions that users need to perform a set of tasks within Moogsoft Enterprise. You can create roles for specific job functions and assign them the permissions to perform certain operations. For example, you could create a role named Situation Manager and assign it the permissions to perform certain operations, such as managing alerts and Situations.

You must assign at least one role to every user. You can do this manually when you create the user or you can map roles to users if you use SAML.

Moogsoft Enterprise contains a set of predefined roles with a predefined set of permissions. See Role Permissions for details.

Create, edit and delete roles

To view a list of roles, navigate to Settings > Roles. You can use the search box on the left to filter the list.

Select a role to view and edit its configuration. You can edit the following:

  • Selected permissions: See Role Permissions for a description of each permission.

  • Session timeout: You can use the system timeout of 60 minutes or define a custom timeout period.

  • Landing page: You can choose to inherit the landing page from the system configuration or select an alternative page.

You can also perform the following operations:

  • Click + to create a new role.

  • Click a role name and then - to delete a role.

You cannot delete a role that is assigned to users. Remove the role from all users first.

To learn more about Managing User Roles, watch the User, Role, and Team Management training video at Moogsoft University. You will need access credentials to view it. Please contact your account manager to receive credentials.