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Control Moogsoft Enterprise Processes

This topic describes the commands for starting, stopping or restarting individual Moogsoft Enterprise processes.

To configure process startup when Moogsoft Enterprise fails or restarts see Configure Services to Restart.


When restarting all nodes in a distributed system, the node to start first is the last one that you stopped.


LAMs, Moogfarmd, and Apache Tomcat depend on the following system processes: MySQL RabbitMQ, Nginx, and Elasticsearch. When starting Moogsoft Enterprise processes, follow these steps:

  1. Start or verify the following are started:

    • MySQL

    • RabbitMQ

    • Nginx

    • Opensearch/Elasticsearch

  2. Start or restart LAMs, Moogfarmd, and/or Apache Tomcat.

Similarly, if you plan to stop any one of MySQL, RabbitMQ, Nginx, or Opensearch/Elasticsearch, stop LAMs, Moogfarmd, and Apache Tomcat first.

Init scripts for RPM installations

If you performed an RPM installation as root, use the service init script to start and stop Moogsoft Enterprise processes:

service <service-name> start|stop|restart

The service names are as follows:

  • MySQL: mysql

  • RabbitMQ: rabbitmq

  • Nginx: nginx

  • Elasticsearch: elasticsearch

  • Opensearch: opensearch

  • Tomcat: apache-tomcat

  • Moogfarmd: moog_farmd

  • For LAMs , refer to the individual LAM references for the service names.

For more information, see the documentation on managing system services for your operating system.

Process control for Tarball installations

For customers who follow the Tarball Installation procedure, Moogsoft Enterprise includes a Process Control utility to allow you to:

  • Start a process

  • Stop a process

  • Restart a process

  • Check the status of a process

The Process Control utility resides at $MOOGSOFT_HOME/bin/utils/process_cntl .

When you install Moogsoft Enterprise as a user other than root, you choose a user to run the installation and initialize the system. Use the same user credentials when controlling Moogsoft Enterprise components to ensure that you have the proper permissions and access.

Process Control utility reference

The Process Control utility uses the following syntax:

process_cntl [ [--process_name] <name>] [--loglevel] <loglevel>] [--service_instance <instance>] {start|stop|status|restart|help} ]

The arguments for the utility are as follows:




-h, --help


Display the utility syntax and options.



Log level controlling the amount of information that process control logs. Default is WARN. This flag only works for Moogsoft Enterprise processes.


Process name

The name of the process to control:

  • rabbitmq

  • mysql

  • nginx

  • elasticsearch

  • opensearch

  • apache-tomcat

  • moog_farmd

Alternatively specify a LAM. Run process_cntl -h for a full list of LAM process names.

See Implementer Guide for a brief description of the packages.


Instance name

The name of the process instance if there is more than one running on the system.



Start a stopped process.



Stop a running process.



Display the status of the process: running or stopped.



Restart a running process.