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Moogsoft Enterprise Documentation

The Moogsoft Enterprise Documentation provides guidance on the implementation, usage, and maintenance of Moogsoft Enterprise .

As of June 11th, 2020, Moogsoft has restructured updated the documentation significantly. The new documentation comprises the following guides:

Moogsoft Enterprise Overview: A brief introduction to the Moogsoft Enterprise , key concepts, and the documentation.

Moogsoft Enterprise v8.0: Moogsoft Enterprise Release Notes and related materials.

Administrator Guide: A summary of topics in the now-deprecated Administrator guide. You can find the content that formerly resided in the Administrator Guide in the Implementer Guide and Developer Guide.

Implementer Guide: A guide to help you plan, install, configure, and maintain Moogsoft Enterprise.

Integrations and LAMs: A guide to data ingestion for Moogsoft Enterprise.

Developer Guide: A reference guide for Moogsoft Enterprise command line utilities, data processing, and programmatic APIs, including documentation for the Workflow Engine.

Moogsoft Hosted Administration: Topics unique to Moogsoft's SaaS environment.

Product Notices: Information on Moogsoft releases and deprecation notices.

Glossary: Key Moogsoft Enterprise terminology.

While you are adjusting to the new documentation structure, you can browse the legacy docs for Moogsoft Enterprise at Search operates only on the newly revised documentation.