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Prepare to Install Moogsoft Enterprise

Before you start to install Moogsoft Enterprise v8.2.0, you must perform certain pre-installation tasks.

The instructions to follow depend on your preferred mode of deployment:

  • RPM: Use this method if you have root access to your Moogsoft Enterprise servers and you do not want to change the default installation locations.

  • Tarball: Use this method if you need to run the process as a non-root user, or you want the ability to deploy to a non-default location and install all components under one directory.

    The Tarball installer is hosted on the Moogsoft "speedy" Yum repository: Contact Moogsoft Support for access if you do not already have an account.

  • Use the offline instructions if your Moogsoft Enterprise server(s) do not have access to the internet.

For pre-installation instructions, refer to one of the following topics: