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Configure Alert Builder

The Alert Builder Moolet assembles alerts from incoming events, sent by the LAMs across the Message Bus. These alerts are visible through the Alert View in the User Interface (UI). The Alert Builder Moolet is also responsible for:

  • Updating all the necessary data structures.

  • Ensuring copies of the old alert state are stored in the snapshot table in MoogDb, relevant events are created and the old alert record is updated to reflect the new events arriving into Moogsoft Enterprise.

Configure Alert Builder

Edit the configuration file at $MOOGSOFT_HOME/config/moolets/alert_builder.conf.

See Alert Builder Reference for a full description of all properties. Some properties in the file are commented out by default.

Example Configuration

The following example demonstrates a simple Alert Builder configuration:

      name                        : "AlertBuilder", 
      classname                   : "CAlertBuilder", 
      run_on_startup              : true, 
      moobot                      : "AlertBuilder.js", 
      event_streams               : [ "AppA" ], 
      threads                     : 4, 
      metric_path_moolet          : true, 
      events_analyser_config      : "events_analyser.conf", 
      priming_stream_name         : null, 
      priming_stream_from_topic   : false 
Alert Builder Moobot

The Moobot, AlertBuilder.js, is associated with the Alert Builder Moolet. It undertakes most of the activity of the Alert Builder. When the Alert Builder Moolet processes an event, it calls the JavaScript function, newEvent:

events.onEvent ( "newEvent" , constants.eventType( "Event" )).listen();

The function newEvent contains a call to create an alert. The newly created alert is broadcast on the Message Bus.

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