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Tarball - Upgrade database components

Follow these steps to perform a Tarball upgrade on the Moogsoft Enterprise database components to v8.2.0 from v7.0.x, v7.1.x, or 7.2.x:

  • Moogsoft Enterprise databases

  • MySQL

Refer to Upgrade Moogsoft Enterprise or general information and upgrade instructions for other components and versions.

Upgrade MySQL Community to v5.7.36

Upgrade Percona to v5.7.36


These instructions apply to upgrading a single-node Percona cluster. For instructions on upgrading a multi-node Percona cluster, see Percona Cluster 5.7 Tarball Minor Version Upgrade.

Upgrade Moogsoft Enterprise

Merge the latest configuration file changes

Upgrade the Moogsoft Enterprise database schema

Drop deprecated historic database tables

To continue with the upgrade, see Tarball - Upgrade data ingestion component.