Moogsoft Add-ons

Moogsoft periodically releases add-ons to extend and enhance the core Moogsoft Enterprise functionality. For example, new Workflow Engine functions, new Workflow Engines, or Integrations tiles.

If you haven't already, you need to create the Enrichment API data store to use the Enrichment API Integration. See Create the Enrichment API Data Store for instructions. If you upgraded from Moogsoft Enterprise v.7.3.0 and were using the Integrations API with Moogsoft Add-ons v.1.4.0 or later, you do not need to create the Enrichment API data store.

Moogsoft Enterprise v8.0 is compatible with Add-ons v2.0.0 and later only.

All add-ons releases are cumulative and include the fixes from previous releases.

See Install Moogsoft Add-ons for installation details.

Add-ons v2.3

If you haven't previously done so, Create the Enrichment API Data Store to use the Enrichment API Integration.

Moogsoft Add-ons v2.3.4 includes the following updates:

  • ADD-7: Adds the JDBC Endpoints integration, including the exportViaJDBC function.

  • ADD-37: Adds REST enrichment functions including getViaRest, mergeList, and reduceObjectList.

  • ADD-76: Adds the ServiceNow Integration v3 (ServiceNow Management).ServiceNow Management

  • ADD-87: Updates the eyeShare NG integration (Ayehu).Ayehu

  • ADD-114: Adds the new Workflow Engine function: deleteObjectKeys.

Add-ons v2.2

If you haven't previously done so, Create the Enrichment API Data Store to use the Enrichment API Integration.

Moogsoft Add-ons v2.2.0 includes the following updates:

  • ADD-36: Adds the AlertOps Integration.

  • ADD-43: Improvements for the PagerDuty Integration.

  • ADD-44: Adds the Microfocus Operations Orchestration Automation Integration.

  • ADD-106: Adds WFE Integration framework.

  • ADD-101: Bug fixes for the Email Integration.

  • WFE-322: Fixes an issue so that WFE function addTopologyNode correctly updates descriptions.

  • WFE-325: Fixes an issue to so that actions perform a moogdb.reload() when appropriate.

  • WFE-330: Fixes $TOLIST() so that it cannot map to an empty item.

  • WFE-138: Adds functions hasSweptUp and hasNotSweptUp.

  • WFE-172: Adds support for Workflow Job Templates to Ansible Automation Integration.

  • WFE-194: Adds WFE support for the Microfocus Operations Orchestration Integration Automation.

  • WFE-203: Adds removeItemsFromList function.

  • WFE-258: Adds compareFields function.

  • WFE-296: Adds addRestHeader function.

  • WFE-297: Adds functions to support integration triggers.

  • WFE-301: Adds addLocationData function.

  • WFE-317: Updates WFE functions to use updateClosedAlert and updateClosedSituation as appropriate.

  • WFE-320: Adds addToContext function.

  • WFE-321: Adds listSituationHosts function.

  • WFE-324: Updates the WFE function getPayload to encapsulate the payload within an array.

  • WFE-326: Adds listSituationAlertIds function.

  • WFE-327: Adds setSituationServices function.

Add-ons v2.1

If you haven't previously done so, Create the Enrichment API Data Store to use the Enrichment API Integration.

Moogsoft Add-ons v2.1.0 includes the following updates:

  • ADD-1: Function and integration tile to send emails.

  • ADD-16: Situation moderator updates.

  • ADD-20: Slack Integration can send notifications to Slack channels.

  • WFE-223: getCorrelationInfo - checks that correlation info exists for a Situation.

  • WFE-233: The tolerates "invisible" windows carriage returns in input files.

  • WFE-240: Substitution macros: $PRC, $REF, $TYPE.

  • WFE-247: sendAlertsToWorkflow - Sends situation alerts to a workflow.

  • WFE-251: Improves Topology API WFE function logic.

  • WFE-253: Improves reliability with substitution and validation of parameters.

  • WFE-256: isPrimaryTeamSet - returns true if a Situation's primary team is set.

  • WFE-257: basicMaths - writes the result of basic maths ( +, -, * , / , % ) on two fields to either custom_info or the workflow context.

  • WFE-263: Substitution macros: $EXPAND_AS_CSV, $EXPAND_AS_STRING, $TO_LIST.

  • WFE-264: getThreadEntry - retrieves the corresponding thread entry if a Situation contains a thread entry_id and stores it under the threadEntry workflowContext key.

  • WFE-265: Conversion Maps with function convertField.

  • WFE-266: addCorrelationInfo - adds an External ID to a Situation.

  • WFE-267: Enrichment API moog_enrichment_util scripts have proxy settings.

  • WFE-268: Fixes the checkTopologyyLink function.

  • WFE-276: convertStringToList - converts a string containing regular separators (e.g. a comma) into a list (a JavaScript Array) and copies the resulting list into a named target or overwrites the value of the original string with the new list.

  • WFE-277: Substitution and validation of params now correct in workflow function template.

  • WFE-284: IsNotClear function now works as expected.

  • WFE-285: dejaVu – checks for repeated data.

  • WFE-286: Catasuraus now uses correct log message levels.

  • WFE-304: JDBC and ServiceNow Enrichment Integrations no longer call constants.reload().

Add-ons v2.0.0

Moogsoft Add-ons v2.0.0 introduces several new functions and fixes to existing functions and Integrations tiles:

  • WFE-126: Preset PRC values for topology based situations (or any situation).

  • WFE-162: Adds Create topology function.

  • WFE-163: Adds a function to create a node.

  • WFE-164: Adds a function to create a link between two nodes.

  • WFE-165: Adds a function to clone a topology.

  • WFE-166: Adds a function to delete an active or inactive topology.

  • WFE-167: Adds a function to remove a node from a topology.

  • WFE-168: Adds a function to delete a topology link.

  • WFE-169: Adds a function to check a topology exits.

  • WFE-170: Adds a function to check a node exists.

  • WFE-171: Adds a function to check a link exists.

  • WFE-177]: Adds populateNamedTopology function.

  • WFE-195: Adds a function to activate a topology.

  • WFE-196: Adds a function to deactivate a named topology.

  • WFE-198: Adds an action to delete a node.

  • WFE-199: Adds an action to delete a topology.

  • WFE-213: Updates the Ansible Automation Integration for 8.0.

  • WFE-214: Updates the Puppet Automation to 'Automation' for 8.0

  • WFE-215: Updates the AyeHu eyesShare Automation for 8.0.

  • WFE-216: Updates the Ignio Automation for 8.0.

  • WFE-217: Updates ServiceNow Enrichment for 8.0.

  • WFE-218: Updates JDBC Enrichment for 8.0.

  • WFE-222: Corrects the description of sigActionFilter.

  • WFE-224: Updates the Enrichment API for 8.0.

  • WFE-225: Updates configuration for Integration Tiles for Enterprise 8.0 Release.

  • WFE-226: Adds Eventless processing for Automation actions.

  • WFE-227: Escapes of data in MySQL queries used by Enrichment API.

  • WFE-236: Adds a dnsLookup function.

  • WE 237: Adds a logCEvent function.