Moogsoft Add-ons

Moogsoft periodically releases add-ons to extend and enhance the core Moogsoft Enterprise functionality. For example, new Workflow Engine functions, new Worfklow Engines, or Integrations tiles.

Moogsoft Enterprise v.8.0.0 ships with the latest version of the Moogsoft Add-ons v.2.0.0, but you need to create the Enrichment API data store to use the Enrichment API Integration. See Create the Enrichment API Data Store for instructions. If you upgraded from Moogsoft Enterprise v.7.3.0 and were using the Integrations API with Moogsoft Add-ons v.1.4.0 or later, you do not need to create the Enrichment API data store.

Moogsoft Enterprise is compatible with v2.0.0 and later only.

Add-ons v2.0.0

Moogsoft Add-ons v2.0.0 introduces several new functions and fixes to existing functions and Integrations tiles:

  • WFE-126: Preset PRC values for topology based situations (or any situation).

  • WFE-162: Adds Create topology function.

  • WFE-163: Adds a function to create a node.

  • WFE-164: Adds a function to create a link between two nodes.

  • WFE-165: Adds a function to clone a topology.

  • WFE-166: Adds a function to delete an active or inactive topology.

  • WFE-167: Adds a function to remove a node from a topology.

  • WFE-168: Adds a function to delete a topology link.

  • WFE-169: Adds a function to check a topology exits.

  • WFE-170: Adds a function to check a node exists.

  • WFE-171: Adds a function to check a link exists.

  • WFE-177]: Adds populateNamedTopology function.

  • WFE-195: Adds a function to activate a topology.

  • WFE-196: Adds a function to deactivate a named topology.

  • WFE-198: Adds an action to delete a node.

  • WFE-199: Adds an action to delete a topology.

  • WFE-213: Updates the Ansible Automation Integration for 8.0.

  • WFE-214: Updates the Puppet Automation to 'Automation' for 8.0

  • WFE-215: Updates the AyeHu eyesShare Automation for 8.0.

  • WFE-216: Updates the Ignio Automation for 8.0.

  • WFE-217: Updates ServiceNow Enrichment for 8.0.

  • WFE-218: Updates JDBC Enrichment for 8.0.

  • WFE-222: Corrects the description of sigActionFilter.

  • WFE-224: Updates the Enrichment API for 8.0.

  • WFE-225: Updates configuration for Integration Tiles for Enterprise 8.0 Release.

  • WFE-226: Adds Eventless processing for Automation actions.

  • WFE-227: Escapes of data in MySQL queries used by Enrichment API.

  • WFE-236: Adds a dnsLookup function.

  • WE 237: Adds a logCEvent function.