Check Situation Alerts

There are two ways you can view a Situation's alerts:

  • Alerts tab on the Situation Room.

  • Preview mode on the My Situations or Open Situations windows.

View alerts in the Situation Room

To view the Situation's associated alerts from the Situation Room, click the Alerts tab.

You can filter and identify the alerts of interest, typically those with the highest severity or that are impacting services, and then seek a resolution. See Filter Search Data for how to create filters.

You can switch between viewing all alerts and all unique alerts. Click View and then either Show All Alert or Show Unique Alerts to toggle between the alerts you want to display.

View alerts in Preview mode

To view a Situation's associated alerts on the My Situations or Open Situation windows:

  1. Click the Preview button.

  2. Select a Situation and the alerts associated with that Situation in a panel in the lower part of the window.

  3. You can enter a filter to identify the alerts of interest. See Filter Search Data for how to create filters.

  4. You can click the Go To Situation button to view the Situation Room for the selected Situation.

To return to standard mode showing the Situations only, click the Standard button.