Schedule Maintenance Downtime

You can schedule maintenance windows so that events created during these maintenance periods are not included in Situations. Defining maintenance windows for scheduled downtimes, such as during server or software upgrades, reduces unnecessary noise.

During a maintenance window, events continue to be correlated into alerts and labeled as 'In Maintenance' but you can choose not to group them into Situations. If an alert under a maintenance schedule receives an event, it is tagged as such.

View Maintenance Windows

To view maintenance windows, click the Maintenance Schedule heading in the Side Menu. If you are an Administrator, you can edit one of the displayed windows by double-clicking it.

Historical, expired and manually deleted windows are not displayed here.

Create a Maintenance Window

Click Create Maintenance Window to create a new window. Complete the following:




Name the Maintenance Window

Mandatory String

Text name for the new maintenance window.

Describe the Maintenance Window

Mandatory String

Description of the new maintenance window.

Define a filter for the Maintenance Window


Defines a filter to target a specific alert or a group of alerts.

Start date and time


Sets the start time and date of the new maintenance window.

End date and time


Sets the end time and date of the new maintenance window.

How frequently the Maintenance Window should recur





Selects whether the maintenance window will never recur or will recur on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

  • Never: The maintenance window occurs only once and does not recur.

  • Daily: The maintenance window recurs every day at the scheduled time.

  • Weekly: The maintenance window recurs every seven days at the scheduled time, beginning on the specified date.

  • Monthly: The maintenance window recurs every month on the specified date at the scheduled time.

    NOTE: If a date does not occur in the month (example: when the window is scheduled for the 31st and there are only 30 days in the month), the maintenance window recurs on the last day of the month instead.

Allow Situation Membership for Alerts under Maintenance


Allows alerts created during a maintenance schedule to be included in Situations. By default, alerts under maintenance are omitted from Situations.

Moogsoft Enterprise adds the new maintenance window in the time zone of the user who created it. When scheduling recurring maintenance windows, Moogsoft Enterprise takes into account any daylight savings time changes for the time zone. See IANA Time Zone Database for more information on valid time zones.