Moogsoft AIOps v7.3

Please note that v7.3 is no longer supported as of October 4th, 2021. View the latest version of documentation.

Moogsoft AIOps v7.3 is an Enterprise Stability Release that introduces several new features and improvements.

The following video highlights new features for Administrators:

For more information on features for Operators experience, watch the following video:

Current Update

For information on the current updated release of Moogsoft AIOps v7.3.0, see Updates for Moogsoft AIOps v7.3.

Key features

Release highlights include:

  • The Workflow Engine feature is now GA. Implementers and administrators can use the Workflow Engine to add custom logic for event, alert and Situation processing.

  • You can now configure Tempus, Cookbook and Merge Groups in the UI.

  • Percona XtraDB Cluster is now the standard database for new Moogsoft AIOps installations. Percona XtraDB is similar to MySQL with improvements for HA, scalability, and usability. HA Proxy supports features such as query routing to available database targets and load balancing. Even though MySQL is still supported for v7.3.0, Moogsoft AIOps strongly recommends that upgrading customers perform the migration to Percona and HA Proxy. See Database Architecture Improvements for more information on the Moogsoft decision to switch to these products.

  • The version of Apache Tomcat used by Moogsoft AIOps has been upgraded to v9.0.22.

  • The version of Elasticsearch used by Moogsoft AIOps has been upgraded to v6.8.1.

  • The Situation Manager Labeler is installed as part of the 7.3.0 installation and upgrade.

  • Integrations improvements including:

    • Office 365 Email, Splunk Streaming Add-On, Catchpoint, and Site24x7 integrations.

    • You can now use brokers to install and run monitoring integrations.

Workflow Engine GA

We have improved Workflow Engine for GA release as follows:

  • Improved features:

    • Filters now use raw fields instead of column names. You can now filter by any custom info field.

    • You can now pass data between actions, for example you can pass a parameter to the next action.

    • We've changed a number of field names for improved clarity.

    • We've added loading indicators and descriptive messages to the UI.

  • Added substantial UI validation support.

  • Migrated the feature out of "Labs" (Early Access features) and enabled it by default.

  • Resolved numerous bugs to stabilize the feature.

To update to the latest Workflow Engine, see Moogsoft Add-ons.

Percona database transition

Percona XtraDB Cluster is now our standard database for new Moogsoft AIOps installations. It provides significant performance and scalability improvements compared to MySQL.

Moogsoft strongly encourages customers upgrading to v7.3.0 to migrate to Percona to take advantage of these features. MySQL continues to be supported for existing customers.

Moogsoft supports HA Proxy for load balancing, to evenly distribute performance demands across your entire deployment.

See Database Architecture Improvements for further information on the decision to implement Percona XtraDb Cluster and HA Proxy.

UI improvements

We've made the following improvements in the UI:

  • You can configure Tempus, Cookbook and Merge Groups in the UI. For correlation capability, this provides true "in-UI" Situation design.

  • Situation Preview provides a Situation list view with alert view below, to improve operator efficiency and Situational awareness.

  • A collapsible left navigation panel makes better use of space in the UI for operators.

Platform improvements

The following platform improvements are included:

  • You can now go to Settings > Import/Export in the UI to export your system configuration and import the configuration from another system. It includes the configuration for Merge Groups, Tempus and Cookbooks. You can use this new feature to duplicate the configuration on multiple systems, and to copy the configuration from a development environment to production.

  • You can now configure Moolets to run multiple Moobots. This enables you to override the functions of the default Moobot. You can use this feature to customize the actions of the Workflow Engine.

  • A set of Graze API endpoints have been added for Merge Groups, Tempus and Cookbook functionality. See Graze API for details.

Integrations additions and improvements

You can now configure integrations Brokers. Brokers are clients that install and run monitoring integrations. Setting up Brokers on multiple hosts enables Continuous Assurance of your integrations. When you install a Broker, Moogsoft AIOps automatically manages instances of your integrations across your Brokers.

The following integrations are new:

  • The Office 365 Email integration allows you to retrieve Office 365 emails using the Microsoft Graph API and send them to Moogsoft AIOps as events.

  • If you have installed the Splunk integration, you can configure the Splunk Streaming Add-On, which enables you to send results from the Splunk search pipeline to Moogsoft AIOps.

  • The Site24x7 integration allows you to retrieve events from Site24x7.

  • You can configure a Catchpoint webhook to post alert data to Moogsoft AIOps when an event occurs in Catchpoint.

Installation and upgrade

Refer to Install Moogsoft AIOps and Upgrade Moogsoft AIOps for deployment information.

Deprecation notices

See Deprecation Notice: Self Monitoring Controls for a list of deprecated features in Moogsoft AIOps v7.3.

Known issues

See Known Issues for a description of problems and defects Moogsoft has identified at the time of the Moogsoft AIOps v7.3 release.

Release date

October 4th, 2019.

For information on previous releases, see Moogsoft Releases.

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