Updates for Moogsoft AIOps v7.3

Moogsoft has issued the following updates to Moogsoft AIOps v7.3. All updates are cumulative and include the fixes from previous releases.

Contact Moogsoft support for instructions for applying an update. Refer to the following for information on upgrading a single-host deployment (such as for POC, POV, UAT and other similar deployments):

Moogsoft AIOps v7.3.1.8

The update includes the following fixes:

  • MOOG-17097: Fixes an issue which prevented database splitter stored procedures from retrying on failure or deadlock under certain conditions.

  • MOOG-17163: Fixes an issue that could cause a session leak and memory accumulation in Tomcat after visiting the Situation Room.

  • MOOG-17189: Prevents a second farmd instance from triggering a database splitter run if an existing splitter run is in progress.

  • MOOG-17190: Adds a configuration option for administrators to block uploads for specified file extensions.

  • MOOG-17191: Adds the ability to control which files can be uploaded to Situation Rooms and Team Rooms based on their content type; it is configured under System Settings > Customization > System Settings (all file types are allowed by default).

  • MOOG-17192: Fixes an issue that could lead to memory accumulation in Tomcat as a result of using custom_info merging in the AlertBuilder.

  • MOOG-17193: Ensures the correct encoding of Situation room comments (for low-risk markup tags, etc).

  • MOOG-17195: Introduces an optional password policy for DB Realm users created via the Graze API or the UI, including configurable complexity via regular expressions.

Moogsoft AIOps v7.3.1.7

The update includes the following fixes:

  • MOOG-14971: Improves the reliability of Moolet message queue processing during a moog_farmd failover.

  • MOOG-15807: Upgrades the version of Percona from 5.7.28 to 5.7.29.

  • MOOG-16955: Fixes an issue with the moog_snapshots_online_table_change.sh and moog_historic_post_migration.sh scripts so that they now use the right socket file when connecting to the database in tarball deployments.

  • MOOG-11846: Fixes an issue preventing data loss: Messages between Moolets are now stored in persistence in a failover situation, and are resent when the system becomes available again.

Moogsoft AIOps v7.3.1.6

The update includes the following fixes:

  • MOOG-16750: Adds additional logging to report the current memory usage of Tomcat. Logs are visible alongside the other reporter threads in catalina.out. No additional configuration is required.

  • MOOG_16582: Fixes scrolling issue on the Collaborate tab.

  • MOOG-16115: Fixes an issue where the Collaborate tab did not display all current activity for a Situation.

  • MOOG-14782: Promotes INFO level log messages to WARN when the database is in read-only mode.

  • MOOG-15219: Fixed the default team ID for the sample data 'Cloud Devops' team to ensure support for multi-node Percona clusters.

  • INT-6183: Fixes an issue with the concurrency between constants.get() and constant.reload() in Moobots.

Moogsoft AIOps v7.3.1.5

The update includes the following fixes:

  • MOOG-16512: Displays the correct alert count for custom filters in the side menu when you make changes that affect the alert count in the alert grid. For example closing alerts.

  • MOOG-14798: Fixes issues with the Reset To Defaults button for Tempus.

  • MOOG-16213: getNewSituationsStats API now returns the correct number new Situations. Fixes an issue with the Situation Noise Reduction dashboard in Grafana.

  • MOOG-16478: Fixes an issue where the database splitter could lock the active snapshots table when calculating Probable Root Cause. Includes the process logs functionality from the Enterprise v8.0 release to provide progress logging for the splitter in the moogdb.process_logs table.

  • MOOG-16364: You can configure the splitter to remove process logs that are older than configured log retention period.

  • MOOG-16166: Updates the Oracle OpenJDK dependency allowing you to upgrade to any version of open-jdk >= 11.0.5 without updating the AIOps RPMs or tarballs.\

  • INT-6120: Fixes an issue where events remained in remote RabbbitMQ after failover of the RabbitMQ LAM.

Moogsoft AIOps v7.3.1.4

The update includes the following fixes:

  • MOOG-16149: Updates Apache Tomcat to v9.0.35.

  • MOOG-16278: The correct alert and Situation count now displays when conditions are added to a filter.

  • MOOG-16259: Updates Percona URLs in the scripts install_percona_nodes_tarball.sh and functions.sh.

  • MOOG-16434: The Apache Tomcat install validator script no longer reports an expected difference in the context.html file during Tarball installations and upgrades.

  • INT-5702: In the Dynatrace Notification integration, the tags field value received as a string is now converted into JSON. A note in the UI explains the behavior of events and impacted entities when the payload includes tags.

Moogsoft AIOps v7.3.1.3

The update includes the following fixes:

  • MOOG-13573: You can now configure Moogsoft AIOps to connect to Elasticsearch using either an encrypted or plain text username and password.

  • MOOG-15469: The Graze API method getNewAlertsPerSituationsStats now works correctly after manually creating a Situation in the UI.

  • MOOG-15990: On Moogsoft AIOps systems with multiple Moogfarmd instances, integrations now stop and restart correctly when modified.

  • MOOG-16040: The MoogDb v2 methods createUser and updateUser now work correctly when Moogsoft AIOps is configured for SAML single sign-on.

  • MOOG-16101: Fixes a problem where the MoogDb v2 method updateUser deleted a user's role.

  • INT-6009: When upgrading from Moogsoft AIOps v7.2, ticketing and reporting integration properties are no longer duplicated.

Moogsoft AIOps v7.3.1.2

This update includes the following fixes:

  • MOOG-14316: Removes closed Situations from memory once the retention period set in the Moogfarmd configuration file has been reached.

  • MOOG-14386: Removes addition of commas from image IDs when the number was 1000 or higher. For example, if an image ID was previously 2_1,088, now it is 2_1088.

  • MOOG-14392: Improves performance by removing duplicate queries from the UI to the database.

  • MOOG-14434: Implements memory optimisation for some long running operations that access the database. As a result, Moogfarmd now uses less memory when busy.

  • MOOG-14457: In the Next Steps tab, Situations with the same similarity are now sorted according to their created time.

  • MOOG-14507: Corrects an issue where the Open Alerts window did not load open alerts.

  • MOOG-14623: Fixes an issue where, in certain circumstances, the Team Room Task Board was showing incorrect Situations.

  • MOOG-14671: Corrects an issue on the Timeline tab where the data did not display correctly.

  • MOOG-15476: Disables the reuse of request and response objects in Apache Tomcat by default, to prevent UI users being presented with another user’s session.

  • MOOG-15663: Fixes an issue where the Graze API endpoint getSituationIds failed with an error message.

  • MOOG-15816: Adds a new section to the Moogfarmd health log in cases when persistence is turned on. It indicates the status of Moogfarmd persistence to Hazelcast. For example:

    "persistence": {
        "hazelcast": {
            "oldest_task": {
                "running_for": 0.08,
                "waiting_for_hazelcast_for": 0.004
        "maximal_capacity": 1000,
        "tasks_queue_size": 181,
        "hazelcast_operations_queue_size": 22
  • MOOG-15891: Adds a new section to the configuration file security.conf to allow users to disable the CSRF protection check, as shown in the example below. The default is that CSRF protection is enabled.

    "global_settings" : {
        "csrfProtection" : false

Moogsoft AIOps v7.3.1.1

This update includes the following fixes:

  • MOOG-15347: Database locks have been added to the code that calculates Situation severities. To reduce the impact of this change, Moogsoft AIOps recommends that you uncomment the maxRetries and retryWait properties in the mysql section of the $MOOGSOFT_HOME/config/system.conf file and change the values to the following:

    • maxRetries: 13

    • retryWait: 53

  • MOOG-15343: Situation and alert client tools that launch tools pointed at the same Moogsoft AIOps instance now work correctly. As a result of this fix please note the following:

    • If you have configured any Situation or alert client tools to connect to Graze API, you must update the URL to begin with /graze. For example, use /graze/v1/getAlertDetails?alertid=$alert_id instead of https://example.com/graze/v1/getAlertDetails?alertid=$alert_id.

    • If you have configured any Situation or alert client tools to perform a GET request against a Graze API endpoint, you can no longer open the response in a new window. Select "Show all response data" in the dialog instead.

    See Implement Client Tools for more information.

  • MOOG-15212: A fix to prevent upgrade problems in environments where replication is enabled. The property log_bin_trust_function_creators = 1 has been added to the MySQL configuration file my.cnf.

  • MOOG-14966: Improved the failover behavior of Moogfarmd so that Recipe clusters are correctly initialized.

  • MOOG-15184: The task board in the UI now correctly displays Situations for teams with large number IDs.

  • MOOG-15207: Fixes a discrepancy between the alert column names and the alerts custom_info fields that prevented the UI from properly loading.

  • MOOG-15201: The moog_db_auto_upgrader utility now logs details of the schema upgrade files it applies.

  • MOOG-15206: Fixes some timestamp problems in the schema_upgrades table that caused upgrade problems.

  • INT-5795: Resolves an issue with broker profiles and SSL connectivity. If you have configured RabbitMQ for SSL, you must recreate your broker profiles after installing this patch or upgrading to this version.

  • MOOG-14909: Improves validation when adding a new alert or Situation column, to prevent duplicate names.

  • MOOG-15459: The correct response is now returned when a user attempts to log into the UI with invalid credentials.

Moogsoft AIOps v7.3.1

This update includes the following fixes:

  • MOOG-15169: Moogsoft has provided an optional enhanced Content Security Policy (CSP) as part of this release. CSP is a security standard introduced to prevent Cross Site Scripting (XSS) and other data injection attacks. For more information, see the Mozilla document on Content Security Policy. The CSP is controlled by Nginx and is disabled by default.

    To enable it, follow the instructions in v7.3 RPM Installation or v7.3 Tarball Installation depending on your implementation type.

  • MOOG-11604: If you enable the enhanced CSP as referenced in MOOG-15169, the following features require additional configuration to enable access to external domains:

    • Situation Room plugins to external domains

    • Situation client tools to external URLs

    To allow access to required external domains, follow the instructions in v7.3 RPM Installation or v7.3 Tarball Installation depending on your implementation type.

  • MOOG-15066: Due to a known issue in the Safari web browser, you must take additional steps if you enable the enhanced CSP as referenced in MOOG-15169 and you want to access the UI with Safari.

    For instructions, see v7.3 RPM Installation or v7.3 Tarball Installation depending on your implementation type.

  • MOOG-14987: Various HTTP security-related headers are now returned for API responses. Some pre-existing HTTP security-related headers are now returned for all responses, regardless of the response status code (success/failure).

  • MOOG-13747: Adds cross-site request forgery support. You must ensure that the hostname in the URL you use to access the UI matches the one specified in the "webhost" setting in $MOOGSOFT_HOME/config/servlets.conf.

    If you use a load balancer to front one or more UI servers, set the "webhost" in $MOOGSOFT_HOME/config/servlets.conf on each UI server to the hostname of the load balancer. If you're using a load balancer, log into the UI server back ends via the webhost.

  • MOOG-14633: POST requests to the MoogSvr API are now rejected with a 400 error if they contain any query (URI) parameters other than request.

  • MOOG-14826: In the UI, filtering the Situation List on "Process Impacted" by Name now works correctly.

  • MOOG-14567: Resolves an Apache Tomcat websocket bug that caused the sending thread to become caught in an endless loop and fail to send data for closed or expired user sessions.

  • MOOG-14973: Situation server tools are now granted initial permissions correctly on upgrade and are available to all users by default.

  • MOOG-14884: Updates OpenJDK to v11.0.5.

  • MOOG-15102: Adds the rsync package to the offline RPM Tarball file.

  • MOOG-15143: The tomcat_install_validator.sh script now validates that the integrations-controller servlet is correctly deployed.

  • INT-5789: Fixes an issue with the Integrations Controller establishing SSL connectivity to the database.

Moogsoft AIOps v7.3.0.1

This update includes the following fixes:

  • INT-5708: Defaults the following properties in the Kafka Moobot module to false: use_sasl, compression_codec, ssl_endpoint_identification_algorithm.

  • MOOG-14341: Fixes a security issue with thread names in the UI Collaborate tab.

  • MOOG-14709: Updates the shipped version of jackson-databind to resolve several security vulnerabilities.

  • MOOG-14861: Resolves a security issue with the handling of Tool Runner command arguments.

  • MOOG-14859: Correctly updates the internal time variable in the alerts table when new events are sent in.

  • MOOG-14723: Fixes an issue where UI query results were not cached and UI performance was impacted.

Workflow Engine updates

For information on releases of the Workflow Engine, see Updates for Workflow Engine.