Updates for Workflow Engine

Beginning with Moogsoft Add-ons v1.3, see Moogsoft Add-ons for information on the most current Workflow Engine.

Moogsoft has issued the following updates to the Workflow Engine. All updates are cumulative and include the fixes from previous releases.

See Update the Workflow Engine for installation details.

Workflow Engine v1.2

Workflow Engine v1.2 introduces several new functions, and supporting tiles on the Integration tab visible to administrators. Consider the following when you prepare to upgrade the Workflow Engine:

  • For full functionality, you must install Workflow Engine v1.2 on both Moogfarmd and UI servers.

  • Workflow Engine v1.2 also introduces a new installation process. See Update the Workflow Engine for instructions.


WFE-97 is a breaking change from previous versions. The argument type is now an object so that the function can contain a list. Delete any existing uses of the sigActionFilter function before you install this update. You can reconfigure them after the update completes.

The updates for Workflow Engine v1.2 are as follows:

  • WFE-9: Adds REST Endpoints integration and function exportViaRest.

  • WFE-11: Export to Kafka Endpoints Integration and function exportViaKafka function.

  • WFE-28: Adds function setAgent.

  • WFE-29: Adds function setAgentLocation.

  • WFE-30: Adds function setAgentTime.

  • WFE-31: Adds function setExternalId.

  • WFE-32: Adds function setSource.

  • WFE-33: Adds functions setManager.

  • WFE-34: Adds function setSourceId.

  • WFE-45: Adds function closeAlert.

  • WFE-77: Adds function lowerCase.

  • WFE-97: Changes sigActionFilter argument type to list.

  • WFE-101: Changes addThreadEntry argument threadName to optional.

  • WFE-102: Adds function simpleLookup.

  • WFE-103: Adds function addDefaultValues.

  • WFE-104: Adds function copyToContext.

  • WFE-105: Adds function copyFromContext.

  • WFE-106: Adds function copyToPayload.

  • WFE-108: Adds Payload Maps integration and function createPayload.

  • WFE-109: Adds function getIntegrationConfig.

  • WFE-110: Updates Catasaurus configuration.

Workflow Engine v1.1

Workflow Engine v1.1 introduces several new functions and fixes some issues as follows:

  • WFE-7: Corrects argument for logging.

  • WFE-8: logWorkflowDuration now logs to current log level.

  • WFE-13: Adds function skip.

  • WFE-15: Adds functions checkSituationFlag, setSituationFlag, removeSituationFlag, getSituationFlags.

  • WFE-17: Adds function logWorkflowContext.

  • WFE-18: Adds function checkSeverity.

  • WFE-20: Fixes NPE in lookupAndReplace.

  • WFE-21: Adds function isNotClear.

  • WFE-78: Adds function getVisualisationData.

  • WFE-79: Adds function filterByCookbook.

  • WFE-80: Adds function filterByRecipe.

  • WFE-81: Adds function filterByCookbookAndRecipe.

Workflow Engine v1.0

Workflow Engine v1.0 introduces a number of new functions to the Workflow Engine. Moogsoft recommends you update to the latest Workflow Engine after installing Moogsoft AIOps v7.3.