Moogsoft AIOps v7.2.0

Please note that v7.2 is no longer supported as of April 30th, 2021. View the latest version of documentation.

Moogsoft AIOps v7.2.0 is an Enterprise Stability Release that introduces a number of new features:

Current Update

To learn about current release of Moogsoft AIOps , see Updates for Moogsoft AIOps v7.2.0.

Key Features

Release highlights include:

  • Situation Room enhancements enable you to customize the column headers and collapse Next Steps.

  • List-based filtering lets you filter alert and Situations grids on list fields.

  • Individual Statistics Insights is GA.

  • Moolet Informs is a new module that lets you pass messages between Moolets.

  • New Graze API endpoints and MoogDbV2 methods.

  • Numerous Integrations improvements include:

    • New Relic Insights and Microsoft Teams integrations.

    • Many polling integrations now include a polling recover mode.

    • All polling integrations now have proxy support.

Platform Improvements

Platform improvements increase performance and make high availability deployments more reliable:

  • In HA message queues default to message persistence. HA queues in RabbitMQ now always replicate messages between nodes. See message_persistence on System Configuration Reference .

  • Upgraded components: Oracle JDK 11.0.2, Apache Tomcat 9.0.13, Hazelcast 3.11. If you use Hazelcast Management Center to monitor Hazelcast, you need to upgrade it in parallel.

  • Updated the database connector to MariaDB Connector/J.

  • Database connections are optimized so connections are opened as need to reduce risk of maxing out the pool.

  • Improved statement caching for database queries. Also optimized the usage of prepared statements with database queries.

Early Access Features

Moogsoft provides Early Access features so you can test them out and provide feedback. You can expect Early Access features to change significantly before General Availability. The features are fully tested, but may not be as stable or performant as GA features.

If you encounter an issue with with an EA feature, you should discontinue using it to limit the impact. We'll address it in the GA release of the feature.

You can enable the following Early Access Features in Settings > Labs:

  • Workflow Engine lets you add custom logic for event, alert and Situation processing.

  • An updated Visualize feature provides a diagrammatic representation of the algorithm that created a Situation.

  • You can enable a new grid for viewing Situation and alert lists.

Installation and Upgrade

Refer to Install and Upgrade Moogsoft AIOps for deployment information.

Release Date

30 April, 2019

For information on previous releases, see Moogsoft Releases.

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