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Moogsoft Releases

Moogsoft offers the following types of Moogsoft AIOps releases:

  • Enterprise Stability Release (ESR) are planned once a quarter. An ESR is subject to extended internal testing in enterprise-like environments and conditions. It is intended for enterprise customers who value product stability and reliability over leading edge features.

  • Occasionally we release a Beta Release. Each Beta Release is a feature-complete preview of an upcoming ESR that has not completed extended stability testing. Beta releases are not supported in production, but you can deploy one to a development or staging environment to prepare for an upcoming ESR.

For important notices about supported software deprecation and other changes see Product Notices.

Enterprise Stability Releases

ESR Releases are tested for an extended period of time and include all the features/bugfixes implemented in the incremental Edge Releases issued since the previous ESR.

  • Moogsoft AIOps v7.3.0 released 4 October, 2019.v7.3.0

  • Moogsoft AIOps v7.2.0 released 30 April, 2019. Latest update:

  • Moogsoft AIOps v7.1.0 released 25 January, 2019. Latest update: v7.1.0.7.

  • Moogsoft AIOps v7.0.0 released 4 October, 2018. Latest update: v7.0.1.9.

  • Moogsoft AIOps v6.5.0 released 20 June, 2018. Latest update:

  • Moogsoft AIOps v6.4.0 released 16 March, 2018. Latest update

  • Moogsoft AIOps v6.3.0 released 8 December, 2017.

  • Moogsoft AIOps v6.2.0 released 16 September, 2017.

  • Moogsoft AIOps v6.1.0 released 31 May, 2017.

  • Moogsoft AIOps v6.0.0 released 16 March, 2017.