Updates for Moogsoft AIOps v7.2.0

Moogsoft has issued the following updates to Moogsoft AIOps v7.2.0. All updates are cumulative and include the fixes from previous releases.

Moogsoft AIOps v7.2.0.12

This update includes the following fixes:

  • MOOG-15930: Fixed the inconsistencies happening between the left panel and right panel alert count in cases involving multiple tabs or browsers.

  • MOOG-14316: Removes closed Situations from memory at the end of the retention period set in the Moogfarmd configuration file.

  • INT-6120: Fixes an issue where events remained in the remote RabbbitMQ after failover of the RabbitMQ LAM.

  • MOOG-16278: Publishes the correct filter count when you apply an additional condition to the currently selected filter.

  • MOOG-16512: Displays the correct alert count for custom filters in the side menu when you make changes that affect the alert count in the alert grid. For example closing alerts.

  • MOOG-14458: Provides support for CentOS/RHEL 7.7 in the Apache Tomcat startup script.

Moogsoft AIOps v7.2.0.11

This update includes the following fixes:

  • MOOG-15469: The Graze API method getNewAlertsPerSituationsStats now works correctly after manually creating a Situation in the UI.

Moogsoft AIOps v7.2.0.10

This update includes the following fixes:

  • INT-4937: Adds SASL/JAAS authentication for the Kafka LAM, integration and Moobot module.

  • INT-4970: The Kafka LAM, integration and Moobot module now use Kafka Client Library v2.

Moogsoft AIOps v7.2.0.9

This update includes the following fixes:

  • INT-5697: Fixes an issue with the Kafka data ingestion integration switching from passive to active.

  • MOOG-14341: Resolves a security issue when using thread names in the Collaborate tab.

  • MOOG-14633: POST requests to the MoogSvr API are now rejected with a 400 error if they contain any query (URI) parameters other than request.

  • MOOG-14671: Corrects an issue on the Timeline tab where the data did not display correctly.

  • MOOG-14709: Updates the shipped version of Jackson data-bind to resolve several security vulnerabilities.

  • MOOG-15084: Fixes an issue when selecting the alert timeline from the Alert Tools option where it displayed no data.

  • MOOG-15476: Now disables the reuse of request and response objects in Apache Tomcat by default, to prevent UI users being presented with another user’s session.

Moogsoft AIOps v7.2.0.8

This update includes the following fixes:

  • MOOG-14861: Resolves a security issue with the handling of Tool Runner command arguments.

  • MOOG-14909: Improves validation when adding a new alert or Situation column, to prevent duplicate names.

Moogsoft AIOps v7.2.0.7

This update includes the following fixes:

  • MOOG-11883: Fixes a small memory leak issue in Cookbook.

  • MOOG-13890: Fixes an IE11 issue where the Situation header customization options were not showing in the Settings.

  • MOOG-14241: Modifying link definitions now requires superuser privileges.

  • MOOG-14457: In the Next Steps tab, Situations with the same similarity are now sorted according to their created time.

  • MOOG-14623: Fixes an issue where, in certain circumstances, the Team Room Task Board was showing incorrect Situations.

  • MOOG-14723: Fixes an issue, introduced in patch, where queries were not cached. Now, query results are cached so the server only asks the database once.

  • MOOG-14757: Corrects an issue where, in some circumstances, the Team Room Task Board displayed incorrect or incomplete information.

Moogsoft AIOps v7.2.0.6

This update includes the following fixes:

  • MOOG-13546: Improves validation of the integration name field. Now validation allows only alphanumeric characters and underscores.

  • MOOG-14386: Removes addition of a comma from image IDs when the number was 1000 or higher. For example, if an image ID was previously 2_1,088, now it is 2_1088.

  • MOOG-14392: Improves performance by removing duplicate queries from the UI to the database.

  • MOOG-14434: Implements memory optimisation for some long running operations that access the database. As a result, Moogfarmd now uses less memory when busy.

Moogsoft AIOps v7.2.0.5

This update includes the following fixes:

  • MOOG-13843: Cookbook now successfully restarts after Recipe configuration changes.

  • MOOG-12692: Hazelcast serialization now runs synchronously.

  • MOOG-13750: A new method MoogDbV2.reload(CEvent event) has been added to the MoogDb module to reload the data in a Situation or alert event. This method preserves the metadata on the event. Use the method instead of getSituation(sig_id) or getAlert(alert_id) when you want to update an event with the latest data from the database.

  • MOOG-14096: Fixes a race condition on HA during failover process.

  • MOOG-13379: Default HA persistence logging has changed from WARN level to ERROR level by default. You can configure the logging level in the "Logger" section of the $MOOGSOFT_HOME/config/logging/moog_farmd.log.json file under "CMiniLogToSlf4jLogger".

  • INT-5598: The Programmatic LAM no longer fails when you use concatenated strings to create an event.

Moogsoft AIOps v7.2.0.4

This update includes the following fixes:

  • INT-5324: Fixes an issue in some integrations which could not poll endpoints using TLSv1.0 or TLSv1.1.

  • INT-5408: Fixes an issue where Jira Webhook messages were not correctly processed by Moogsoft AIOps.

  • MOOG-13132: Fixes a NullPointerException error that occurred when retraining the root cause of a Situation.

  • MOOG-13190: Correctly displays custom fields in the Situation Room header when they are more than one level deep.

  • MOOG-13344: Provides a flag in a MooMs message whenever a Situation is resolved or closed from the UI.

  • MOOG-13361: Failure to save the PRC model in the database no longer logs the entire model at WARN level. A brief version is logged at WARN level and the full model is logged at DEBUG level.

  • MOOG-13434: Fixes a Rhino error for JS object conversion in the Workflow Engine.

  • MOOG-13622: Improves the workflow for adding alerts to Situations. If you add a large number of alerts to a Situation and some of those alerts are already assigned to the Situation, Moogsoft AIOps allows the operation to proceed and simply skips over any alerts that were already assigned.

Moogsoft AIOps v7.2.0.3

This update includes the following fixes:

  • MOOG-13219: Situation updates in the Collaboration tab no longer disappear after a refresh.

  • MOOG-13233: A vulnerability within Tool ChatOps shortcuts has been fixed.

  • MOOG-13305: Collaboration tab thread entries are now fully expanded in Internet Explorer 11.

  • MOOG-13435: The Situation Header is no longer missing when using Internet Explorer 11.

Moogsoft AIOps v7.2.0.2

This update includes the following fixes:

  • MOOG-13104: The MoogDb method setSituationServices no longer fails in some circumstances due to improved deadlock handling.

  • MOOG-13097: Starting an integration without a RabbitMQ connection no longer causes the integration to crash and unsent messages are now cached.

  • MOOG-13178: Hazelcast persistence no longer causes Moogfarmd to crash in some circumstances.

  • MOOG-13241: The operation of Moolet Informs has been improved.

  • MOOG-13139: In the UI, posting a single curly brace in the comments box in a Situation Room’s Collaborate tab no longer produces an error.

  • MOOG-13302: In the UI, updating a Situation description that contains a curly brace no longer produces an error in the Collaborate tab when “show modifications” is checked.

  • INT-5282: An issue that prevented events from being published when the duplicate_source property was enabled in integration configurations has been fixed.

  • INT-5111: The disable_certificate_validation property in integration configurations now works on chains that consist of more than one certificate. This affects the following integrations:

    • REST Client

    • CA Spectrum

    • Datadog Polling

    • New Relic Polling

    • New Relic Insights Polling

    • SevOne

    • SolarWinds

    • VMware vRealize Log Insight

Moogsoft AIOps v7.2.0.1

This update includes the following fixes:

  • MOOG-13052:

    • A vulnerability within the internal getTeamList endpoint has been fixed.

    • Security around system settings permissions has been increased.

    • A defect that allowed users without permissions to start and stop services is now resolved.

    • When logging into a LAM configured to use basic authentication on the same host as Moogsoft AIOps, Moogsoft AIOps no longer uses the credentials from the basic authentication request. If you log into a LAM from a browser using basic authentication, either use "incognito" mode or manually clear the credentials when you are done.