Workbench Summary

The System Overview offers a high-level overview of the key statistics for your Moogsoft Enterprise system such as the noise reduction and the number of events, alerts or Situations over the past week. These statistics are automatically updated every five minutes. It also displays the mean time to acknowledge (MTTA) in minutes and the mean time to resolve (MTTR) over the past week.

The Team Rooms displays an overview for your team and includes statistics about the number of impacted services, Situations assigned to the team, the MTTA and MTTR in minutes. These statistics are automatically updated every five minutes.

The services Overview displays the latest impacted Services and the number of hours or days the services have been affected. The color of each Service panel indicates the highest severity of the Situations impacting it.

Impacted For and Open Situation statistics update every minute. MTTA and MTTR automatically update every hour.

See Moogsoft Enterprise UI Reference for more information identifying key features which can be accessed from the Moogsoft Enterprise UI.