Configure Reverse Proxy for REST LAMs

You can configure Nginx to act as a reverse reverse proxy to accept requests to webhook and REST-based LAMs over SSL.

The benefits of using a reverse proxy for your REST-based LAMs include:

  • Nginx handles SSL with better performance than REST-based LAMs.

  • The reverse proxy provides a single access point for logging and auditing.

See the Nginx documentation for more information about setting up an Nginx reverse proxy.

Before You Begin

Before you set up your Nginx reverse proxy, ensure you have met the following requirements:

  • You have chosen a unique path that external clients can send requests to.

  • The Nginx proxy server is able to accept requests over port 443.

Add an Nginx Reverse Proxy

You can add reverse proxy to your LAM using the proxy pass directive:

  1. Edit the Nginx proxies configuration file: $MOOGSOFT_HOME/etc/cots/nginx/moog-proxies.conf:

    location /<integration_name> 
        proxy_pass http://<localhost>:<port_number>;

    For example, if you wanted to add a reverse proxy for the VMware vROps LAM, the proxy pass looks like this:

    location /vrops 
        proxy_pass http://<localhost>:48015;
  2. After saving the changes, test the configuration:

    nginx -t
  3. Restart Nginx and start the LAM.

After completing these steps, the Nginx reverse proxy redirects requests sent by the LAM.