Troubleshoot Topologies

This topic outlines troubleshooting steps for issues you may encounter with the topologies feature in Moogsoft Enterprise.

See Topologies for information on setting up topologies.

Topologies API errors and workarounds

Failure to delete a topology

If you fail to delete a topology or cannot make a topology inactive:

  • Check whether the topology is being used to filter a Recipe. You must remove the topology from all Recipes before you can delete it or change its status.

413 error when adding nodes or links

If you receive a 413 error when trying to add a large number of nodes or links to a topology:

  • There may be too much data for the endpoint to process. Try shortening the names of your nodes and links.

  • If your topology data is larger than larger than 40 MB when saved in a .csv file Moogsoft recommends using the Topology Loader utility. See Load a Topology for more information.

400 error when modifying a topology

If you receive a 400 "bad request" error when attempting to create, retrieve, modify or delete nodes or links for a topology:

  • Check that the topology in the request exists. You must create a topology before configuring its nodes and links.

Missing Topologies API functionality

The Topologies API and the Graph Topology Moobot module do not contain identical functionality. Refer to the Graph Topology topic for functionality that may not be available in the Topologies API, for example distance methods.

Topology loader utility errors and workarounds

Topology loader utility fails to run

If the Topology loader utility fails to run, check your .csv file as follows:

  • The lines must follow the format <node1>,<node2>,<optional description>.

  • Remove any extraneous characters, lines and spaces.

  • Enclose any commas in node names in double quotes.

  • The source and sink nodes cannot be set to the same node.

See Load a Topology for more information on the utility.

Recipe errors and workarounds

Topology not available to filter a Recipe

If you've created a topology but you can't use it to filter a Recipe, check that the topology is active. You can update its active status using the /topologies endpoint.

Note that cloned topologies are set to inactive. Activate a cloned topology when you want to use it to filter a Recipe.

File-based Recipe problems

File-based Cookbook Recipes can no longer cluster on topology. You may see an error similar to the following in the Moogfarmd log file:

“File-based recipe with name [{MyRecipe}] contains topology filter configuration - this is not supported. Topology configuration for this recipe will be ignored.”

To cluster on topology, create a replacement Recipe in the UI with a topology filter.

See Configure Logging for more information on log Moogfarmd files.

Clustering by topology not working

If your alerts are failing to cluster by topology as configured in your Recipe, check that your Recipe alert matching attribute is an event field.

You can also check the contents of a custom info field for an alert you expect to be clustered, and ensure that your Recipe is correctly configured to include the data.

Vertex Entropy errors and workarounds

Vertex Entropy values are incorrect

If you create a large topology with thousands of links, the Graph Analyser process starts to calculate Vertex Entropy when it next runs as part of Housekeeper (every 30 seconds).

If Moogsoft Enterprise is processing events and updating the topology simultaneously, you may temporarily see unexpected results. Values will be correct once processing completes.

As a workaround, you can use the clone and replace endpoints in the Topologies API to clone an active topology, make changes to the inactive clone, and then replace the active topology with the updated version. See Create and Manage Topologies for more information.

Vertex Entropy values are not being updated

If Vertex Entropy values are not updating, check that the process is turned on. In the Moogsoft Enterprise UI, go to Settings > Vertex Entropy. This process is enabled by default.

Situation Room errors and workarounds

The topology tab does not appear

If a Situation was created by a Recipe using a topology filter, the topology tab is active in the Situation Room. If the Situation was created in any other way, for example Tempus, manual merge, or a Recipe without a topology filter, the topology tab is disabled.

The topology tab does not display the expected information

If an alert in a Situation is also in another Situation for a different topology (that is, it has been clustered by another Recipe using a different topology), both topologies are shown as impacted. Select another topology from the drop-down list to view it.

Manually created alerts are not visible

Manually created alerts are not added to topologies by design.

Miscellaneous errors and workarounds

Missing topology

If you configured a topology in a previous Moogsoft Enterprise version the topology no longer exists once you upgrade to v8.0. You can recreate a topology using the Topologies API endpoints. You can also use the Topology Loader utility to load a large topology from a .csv file.

Archived Situations don't show topology details

Archived Situations in the historic database do not retain topological data.