Work with Situations

After Moogsoft Enterprise creates Situations from the alerts ingested from your monitoring systems, you can use various tools to resolve them. When you resolve the Situation, you can provide feedback to help with the resolution of similar Situations that arise.

This topic guides you through the various steps in the workflow to resolve Situations.

How to Resolve Situations

The following workflow represents the typical steps to resolve a Situation. You may not need to execute every step for every Situation. As you become more experienced with Moogsoft Enterprise you may develop your own workflow to suit your requirements.

  • Check for Impacted Services in the Services Overview. In the Moogsoft Enterprise workbench, the Services Overview section indicates which of your Services are impacted by Situations.

  • Click on the Team Room name in the Side Menu to open your Team Room. The Team room is a good place to collaborate with the colleagues in your Team to find a resolution to your Situations. Click the Team Room name in the Side Menu. The Team Room displays all recent activity, such as Situations your team has been assigned, new comments that have been posted, and any Resolving Steps that have been created. You can also see which members of your Team are currently logged into Moogsoft Enterprise on the right side of the screen.

  • Click the Task Board tab to view Situations in a Kanban-style board. You can see which Situations have been assigned to you in the "Assigned" column.

  • Click Acknowledge on any Situation that has been assigned to you. This changes the status to "In Progress" and alerts your team to the fact that you are working on a situation.

  • Click on your assigned Situation. The Situation Room opens to display key information about the Situation including:

    • The Situation status.

    • The number of alerts.

    • Impacted services.

    • Next steps to resolve the Situation.