Enricher Moolet

Enable the Enricher Moolet to update alerts with Enrichment data. See UI Enrichment for further information.

Configure Enricher

You can define the behavior of the Enricher Moolet by editing the $MOOGSOFT_HOME/config/moolets/enricher.conf configuration file.

Enricher Parameters

The parameters that relate to the Enricher Moolet are as follows:


Determines whether Enricher runs when Moogsoft Enterprise starts. If enabled, Enricher updates alerts with enrichment data from the moment the system starts, without you having to configure or start it manually.

Type: Boolean

Default: false


Determines whether or not Enricher is included in the the Event Processing metric for Self Monitoring.

Type: Boolean

Default: false


Describes the Moolet.

Type: String

Default: Alert Enrichment

The default Enricher parameters are as follows:

   name               : "Enricher",
   classname          : "com.moogsoft.farmd.moolet.enricher.CEnricherMgr",
   run_on_startup     : true,
   persist_state      : false,
   metric_path_moolet : true,
   process_output_of  : "AlertBuilder",
   description        : "Alert Enrichment"


nameandclassnameare hardcoded and should not be changed.

Output Parameters

These parameters control the output processed by the Moolet:


Defines the source of the alerts that Enricher processes. By default, the Moolet connects directly to the Alert Builder.

Type: List

One of: AlertBuilder, AlertRulesEngine Default: AlertBuilder