Notifier Moolet


The Notifier Moolet enables Moogsoft Enterprise to act on invite MooMS Bus messages and optionally send an email.

For example, to send an email when a user is invited to a Situation via the UI, the Notifier Moolet must:

  • Listen to Invite Events

  • Interrogate the Events to identify Situation invitations

  • Filter out Events for Situations we are not interested in notifying

  • Extract relevant information from the Event including the Situation Id and User Id

  • Send an email message containing a customized body to a recipient using the Mailer Moobot module

Moogfarmd Configuration

The Notifier Moolet is designed to take messages off the MooMS bus according to message type.

You can edit the Notifier in the $MOOGSOFT_HOME/config/moolets/notifier.conf configuration file.

Moolets are capable of supporting multiple Moobots. By configuring a Moolet to run multiple Moobots, you can customise the functions of the default Moobot. You can use this feature to customise the actions for Workflow Engine. To do this, locate the Moobot property in the Moolet configuration file and add a comma-separated list of the Moobots you want to run. See the extract Notifier Moolet parameters below and notice the default "moobot" property which contains one Moobot: "Notifier.js".

The default configuration is as follows:

    name            : "Notifier",
    classname       : "CNotifier",
    run_on_startup  : false,
    metric_path_moolet : false,
    moobot          : "Notifier.js"