Install Moogsoft Add-ons

Moogsoft periodically provides updates to Moogsoft Enterprise as add-ons. Add-ons may comprise updates to the Workflow Engine, new Workflow Engine functions, integrations tiles, and other features.

This topic tells you how to install the latest version of the Moogsoft Add-ons. For information on the latest add-ons, see Moogsoft Add-ons.

If you haven't already, you need to create the Enrichment API data store to use the Enrichment API Integration. See Create the Enrichment API Data Store for instructions. If you upgraded from Moogsoft Enterprise v.7.3.0 and were using the Integrations API with Moogsoft Add-ons v.1.4.0 or later, you do not need to create the Enrichment API data store.

Before you begin

Before you install Moogsoft Add-ons:

  • Verify you have SSH access to to your Moogsoft Enterprise machines. For distributed or Highly Available installations, update the add-ons on all core role machines where you run Moogfarmd and on the machines where you run the UI. See Server Roles.

  • Download the latest add-ons bundle and transfer it to the machines where you are performing the update.

  • Verify the credentials for the operating system user that runs Moogfarmd or the UI and perform all steps as that same user.

  • The Add-ons include the following new Workflow Engines:

    • Situation Delta: situation_delta_workflows.conf

    • Alert Actions: alert_actions_workflows.conf

    • Alert Integration: alert_integration_workflows.conf

    • Situation Integration: situation_integration_workflows.conf.

    If you have any existing custom engines with the same name, you must rename the custom engines as part of the upgrade.

Download Moogsoft Add-ons

Install add-ons

To install add-ons, you add them to machines running Moogfarmd and the UI components. This procedure replaces existing components.

  1. Create a backup of the moobots, integrations, and other add-on files on the instance. For example:

    tar -czf $MOOGSOFT_HOME/addons_backup.tar.gz -C $MOOGSOFT_HOME \
    bots/moobots \
    config \
    contrib \
  2. Make a copy of SimilarSigConfig.conf:

    cp $MOOGSOFT_HOME/config/SimilarSigConfig.conf $MOOGSOFT_HOME
  3. Extract the add-ons to $MOOGSOFT_HOME:

    tar -xzhf Moogsoft-Addons-2.2.0.tar.gz -C $MOOGSOFT_HOME
  4. Move SimilarSigConfig.conf back into place:

    mv $MOOGSOFT_HOME/SimilarSigConfig.conf $MOOGSOFT_HOME/config
  5. Edit $MOOGSOFT_HOME/config/moog_farmd.conf. In the Moolets section, add include statements for the new Moolets to the list of existing Moolets. If you changed the name of any custom Moolet, update the name in the imports.

                include : "alert_actions_workflows.conf"
                include : "situation_delta_workflows.conf"
                include : "situation_integration_workflows.conf"
                include : "alert_integration_workflows.conf"

    Make sure to include the leading comma "," when you append the new Moolets to the list.

  6. On core role machines, restart Moogfarmd:

    service moogfarmd restart

    You do not need to restart Nginx or Apache Tomcat on UI machines.