Known Issues

Moogsoft identified the following problems and defects at the time of the Moogsoft Enterprise v8.0 release.



Self-signed certificates are not trusted by macOS Catalina.


After upgrading macOS to Catalina, the Moogsoft Enterprise UI is inaccessible in Chrome, Safari and Edge browsers because self-signed certificates are no longer trusted.

For workaround instructions see Catalina Browser Certificate Workaround.

Using Safari with the enhanced Content Security Policy requires additional steps.


Due to a known issue in the Safari web browser, you must take additional steps if you've enabled the enhanced Content Security Policy in v8.0 and you want to access the UI with Safari.

For more information, see RPM v8.0 - Upgrade UI components or Tarball v8.0 - Upgrade UI components depending on your implementation type.

Cookbook fail to start due to Hazelcast.


Under certain conditions Hazelcast can persist corrupted data which will prevent Cookbooks from processing and starting. Restarting Moogfarmd and dissolving the Hazelcast cluster resolves the issue.

For more information, see System Configuration.

DBSplit causes lock wait timeouts.


While the DBSplit process is running, it is possible that systems with a large number of events per alert will see lock wait timeouts in their Moogfarmd process. Moogsoft is investigating this issue.

Events Analyser process may stop due to high load.


If the Events Analyser process is configured to read too much event data into memory for the server the process is running on, Moogsoft Enterprise may stop the process.

For more information on the Events Analyser, see updateEventsAnalyserConfig.

moogdb.updateAlert method creates larger events and snapshots tables.


A fix to ensure system data integrity means that the moogdb.updateAlert method now creates a row in the events and snapshots tables when run. You may notice that your events and snapshots tables are larger as a result and alert timelines have additional event markers. This behaviour is under review and may be changed in a subsequent patch.

For more information, see updateAlert.

Situation Room header does not update correctly.


Within a Situation Room, removing all Impacted Services or Teams from a Situation does not update the Situation Room header. Refresh the browser to see an updated Situation Room.

For more information, see Situation Rooms.

Alert and Situation view loading screens do not display correctly.


When switching between the alert and Situation views, these views sometimes do not show a "Loading" screen. Instead, these views show a "No rows to show" message.

For more information, see Check Situation Alerts.

UI unresponsive under high load conditions.


Under high load conditions, the UI may become unresponsive and have issues serving content. The UI usually recovers after a few minutes.

Integration label disappears when integration stops.


When an integration stops, the label disappears instead of changing from "Running" to "Stopped".

For more information, see Introduction to Integrations.

Teams / Service left hand navigation panel displays automatically.


On Moogsoft Enterprise for Mobile in Teams / Services, the left hand navigation panel sometimes displays automatically without selecting the menu button.

Comments display chronologically in Collaborate tab.


On Moogsoft Enterprise for Mobile in My Situation > Situation ID > Collaborate, comments are displayed in chronological order instead of sequential order.

For more information, see Collaborate on a Situation.