Troubleshoot Integrations Controller

The Integrations Controller provides basic configurations for all of the brokers and integrations in your Moogsoft Enterprise instance beyond the configurations assigned through broker profiles.

This document provides guidance on how to deal with Integrations Controller-related issues.


In the unlikely event that the Integrations Controller exits during DB table creation (this is only possible on the first startup after install/upgrade), the Controller will fail to initialize on subsequent attempts as there is a lock registered in the database.

You can detect if this issue is occurring if the Controller hangs for 5 minutes and then exits with the exception “liquidbase.exception.LockException”. You can then confirm that the lock exists by running the following query against the integrations database:


If the query returns any results, the lock exists. To correct the issue, complete the following:

  1. Ensure that no other Integrations Controllers are currently starting up and performing the DB table creation. If there are, allow them to finish.

  2. Assuming no Controllers are performing the creation, run the following against the integrations database:

    <integrations_database_name>: UPDATE DATABASECHANGELOGLOCK SET LOCKED=FALSE, LOCKGRANTED=null, LOCKEDBY=null where ID=1;

  3. Restart Tomcat.