Launch Moogsoft Enterprise

Before You Begin

This guide assumes that an administrator has already set up your Moogsoft Enterprise system and that it integrates with monitor tools that provide event data about the systems you support.

Your Moogsoft Enterprise administrator should provide you with the following so that you can log in to Moogsoft Enterprise:

  • Your username

  • Your password

  • The Moogsoft Enterprise server name

If you do not have any of these things then contact your Moogsoft Enterprise administrator. If you are an administrator and want information about system setup and configuration, see the Administrator Guide.

Log in to Moogsoft Enterprise

When you're ready you can access your Moogsoft Enterprise system at the link provided by your administrator using one of the following browsers:

  • Apple Safari, latest version

  • Google Chrome, latest version

  • Microsoft Edge, latest version

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer, version 11

  • Mozilla Firefox, latest version