Configure Hotkeys

Hotkeys are keyboard shortcuts you can use on the Alert View, Situation View and Situation Room screens in Moogsoft Enterprise. The default hotkeys are as follows:






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Invite User




Open Server Tools

You can add more custom hotkeys for additional actions to make navigation easier for you and your team.

Add a Hotkey

Click + Create Hotkey in the top left corner of the window to add a new hotkey shortcut.

Under 'Key', select a number between 0-9 or a letter between A-Z then select an action for it to represent. The new hotkey is highlighted with orange markers.

Click Save Changes to continue.

Change an existing Hotkey

Select any assigned Action from the list, click on the KEY dropdown menu and select from any available alphanumeric character.

The new key assigned to the action in the list will have a red indicator informing the user that the change is ready to be saved.

Delete a Hotkey

Select any unwanted hotkey from the list, default hotkeys included, and click - Remove Hotkey. The selected hotkey disappears from the list.

Click Save Changes to continue or click Revert Changes to undo the action.