Socket LAM

You can configure the Socket LAM to enable Moogsoft Enterprise to collect event data from TCP/UDP sockets.

After you configure the Socket LAM, the sockets send events to Moogsoft Enterprise.

Before You Begin

Before you start to set up your Socket LAM, ensure you have met the following requirements:

  • You know the mode for Socket connection. It can be either Server or Client.

  • You have identified the IP Address and port for your socket connection.

  • The port for your sockets is open and accessible from this host.

  • You know the type of protocol you are using: UDP or TCP.

Configure the Socket LAM

You cannot configure a Socket LAM via the Moogsoft Enterprise UI.

To set up a Socket LAM, see Configure the Socket LAM.

Configure Your Sockets

You do not need to perform any LAM-specific steps on your Socket network.

After you configure the Socket LAM, the TCP/UDP sockets will send the events to Moogsoft Enterprise.