Deprecation Notice: Legacy Dashboards

Moogsoft is deprecating support for the legacy built-in Dashboards beginning with Moogsoft Enterprise v6.4. For example:


The Insights feature introduced in v6.4 replaces the legacy Dashboards. Support for legacy Dashboards ends after the release of Moogsoft Enterprise v7.0. Moogsoft Enterprise v7.3 will not include legacy Dashboards. [REVISED 3 December, 2018]

Affected users

Customers installing or upgrading to Moogsoft Enterprise v7.3 or later.

Versions of Moogsoft Enterprise up to and including v7.0 include the legacy Dashboards feature.


Use the Insights feature built on the Stats API. Beginning with Moogsoft Enterprise v6.4, you can get started with the default Insights Dashboard built for Grafana.