Assign and Acknowledge Situations

After Moogsoft Enterprise creates and opens a Situation, the next steps are:

  • A user goes to the Situation Room and assigns the Situation.

  • The assigned user acknowledges the Situation.

Assign to a User

To assign to a user, go to the Situation Room, click Assign, and choose the relevant user.

Team Assignment

The Situation Room shows the teams assigned to a Situation. See Situation Rooms for more information.Situation Rooms

The Team Room shows all Situations assigned to that team. Moogsoft Enterprise assigns each Situation to teams automatically based on the current Service Filters and Situation Filters defined for each team.

Note the following:

  • If a team has no Service or Situation filters defined, Moogsoft Enterprise assigns all open Situations to that team.

  • If a team has both Service and Situation filters defined, Moogsoft Enterprise assigns a Situation only if the team has both a matching Service Filter and a matching Situation Filter.

  • If you override the team assignment for a Situation, automatic team assignment is permanently disabled for that Situation.

  • If you unassign a Situation from your team, based upon your role, you might be unable to access the Situation afterwards.

Acknowledge an Assigned Situation

You should receive a Notification when you are assigned to a Situation. You need to acknowledge the assignment before you investigate and resolve it. Go to the Situation Room and click Acknowledge.

Change a Situation Assignment

Go to the Situation Room and click More Actions. You can:

  • Own: Re-assign to yourself and acknowledge.

  • De-Assign: Set status to Open.

  • De-Acknowledge: Available only if the Situation is assigned to you and you have acknowledged the current assignment.

For information about other actions, see Take Additional Actions.