Micro Focus Operations Orchestration

The Micro Focus Operations Orchestration (also called Micro Focus HP Operations Orchestration) integration allows Moogsoft Enterprise to initiate flows in MicroFocus Operations Orchestration and for MicroFocus Operations Orchestration to pass back the flow status on completion.

A flow can be initiated:

  • Manually, using a tool from a Situation or alert.

  • Automatically, from a Situation or alert workflow.

Communication of flow status is passed back from MicroFocus Operations Orchestration by adding a callback into the flows.

Before you begin

Before you start to set up your integration, ensure you have met the following requirements:

  • The REST endpoint URL for your Micro Focus Operations Orchestration instance.

  • A username and password that allows flows to run.

  • Details of flows you want to run (flowUuid, runName, logLevel, inputs).

Configure the Micro Focus Operations Orchestration Integration

To configure the Micro Focus Operations Orchestration integration:

  1. Navigate to the Integrations tab.

  2. Click Micro Focus Operations Orchestration in the Automation section.

  3. Provide a unique integration name. You can use the default name or customize the name according to your needs.

  4. Provide a unique Instance Name. You can add additional instances using the Add Instance button.

  5. Update the Instance URL username and password for the Micro Focus Operations Orchestration instance.

  6. Leave “Wait for Automation Request Response” set to “No”. Changing it forces requests to be performed synchronously, which slows down processing.

  7. Customize the “Automation Status Failure Strings” to match failure messages that are returned by callback.

  8. Select whether to add collaboration posts for Situation level automations.

  9. Update the proxy settings, if required, to reach the Micro Focus Operations Orchestration instance.

  10. Update the Flow Payload Templates sections with details of the flows you want to run.

  11. Confirm to save the settings and enable the integration.

The integration deploys a number of Inform Workflow Engine workflows to enable bidirectional communication with Micro Focus Operations Orchestration.

The flows in the Micro Focus Operations Orchestration instance require updating to add a callback to send execution results back to Moogsoft Enterprise.

Once ready, see the Micro Focus Operations Orchestration Workflow for details of the workflow and usage of the integration.