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Incidents, alerts, and metrics

Watch a use case walkthrough: Devops user in Moogsoft Cloud ►

This section is for those who are using Moogsoft Cloud to monitor their environment as part of their day-to-day operations. Use this section to learn how to interact with the Moogsoft Cloud UI to monitor and troubleshoot incidents. It describes a typical user workflow, defines events, alerts, and incidents, and explains the components of the UI. It goes on to explain in detail how to search, filter, and examine incidents, alerts, and metrics.

The Moogsoft Cloud UI provides a simple workflow for investigating, troubleshooting and resolving incidents:

  1. Events and metrics pass through theMoogsoft Cloud data pipeline and get correlated into incidents.

  2. Navigate to Incidents > Incidents and select an incident to view its details.

  3. In the Incident Details pane, you can:

    1. Assign the incident to yourself or one of your colleagues.

    2. Analyze the incident's member alerts in the Alerts page.

    3. Analyze the incident's member metrics in the Metrics page.

    4. Resolve the incident and update the incident status.