Teams Manager Moolet

The Teams Manager Moolet is triggered by Moogsoft AIOps when a Situation is created, updated and deleted, and also when a team is created and updated. You can assign teams to Situations using the filters in the UI under Settings > Teams > General. If there are no filters for a team, it is assigned all new Situations by default.

If you use the "assignTeamsToSituation" Graze API endpoint or MoogDb method to assign teams to a Situation, Moogsoft AIOps marks the Situation as overridden. The Teams Manager Moolet can no longer act on it even if that Situation matches a filter.

You can alter the behavior of the Teams Manager Moolet by changing the "Situation Update Policy" in the UI under Settings > Teams.

One Teams Manager Moolet is run for every instance of Moogsoft AIOps.

Configure Teams Manager

You can configure the Teams Manager Moolet in the $MOOGSOFT_HOME/config/moolets/teams_manager.conf configuration file.

Moolets are capable of supporting multiple Moobots. By configuring a Moolet to run multiple Moobots, you can customise the functions of the default Moobot. You can use this feature to customise the actions for Workflow Engine. To do this, locate the Moobot property in the Moolet configuration file and add a comma-separated list of the Moobots you want to run. See the extract Teams Manager Moolet parameters below and notice the default "moobot" property which contains one Moobot: "SituationMgr".

Teams Manager Properties

The properties that relate to the Teams Manager Moolet are:


Determines whether Teams Manager runs when Moogsoft AIOps starts. If you enable it, Teams Manager processes Moolet output from the moment the system starts, without you having to configure or start it manually.

Type: Boolean

Default: true


Determines whether or not Moogsoft AIOps includes Teams Manager in the Event Processing metric for Self Monitoring.

Type: Boolean

Default: false


JavaScript program that controls and customizes the behavior of Teams Manager.

Type: String

Default: "TeamsMgr.js"

The default Teams Manager configuration is:

name                          : "TeamsMgr",
classname               : "CTeamsMgr",
run_on_startup          : true,
metric_path_moolet      : false,
moobot                  : "TeamsMgr.js",
# Specifies the list of all the moolet that can change
# or create situations. Remove this section if the
# TeamsMgr is running in its own instance.
process_output_of       : [
        "Default Cookbook",


name and classname are hardcoded and should not be changed.

Output Parameters

These parameters control the output the Moolet processes:


The Moolets that perform actions that trigger the Teams Manager:

Type: Array

Valid Moolets : Sigaliser, Speedbird, Cookbook, Default Cookbook, SituationMgr

Default: [ "Sigaliser", "Speedbird", "Cookbook", "Default Cookbook", "SituationMgr" ]