Implementer Guide

The Implementer Guide contains instructions to help you install and configure Moogsoft AIOps.

To install the system and handle common post-installation setup, see Install and Upgrade Moogsoft AIOps and System Setup for Moogsoft AIOps.Install and Upgrade Moogsoft AIOps

After you have the base system up and running, you can begin to ingest event data from your monitoring sources. Integrations covers most integrations topics. You can find some detail on some common configuration tasks for data ingestion under Configure Data Ingestion.

Much of the value of Moogsoft AIOps comes from its ability to process your raw event data, deduplicate the events, and transform the data into alerts that comprise Situations. It is critical to configure the system to create meaningful Situations for you and to present the Situations to the right teams. Figuring out your needs for your Situation design will help you make decisions about the right data processing choices for you.

Based upon your Situation design choices and the type of data available from your monitoring sources, you can follow the Clustering Algorithm Guide to choose the correct clustering algorithms for your system. Then you have several options to Configure Data Processing to achieve your goals. See also the Administrator Guide.

To keep your system running and healthy, see Monitor and Troubleshoot Moogsoft AIOps.Monitor and Troubleshoot Moogsoft AIOps