Configure Data Processing

Moogfarmd is the core system application that runs all of the algorithms and automation relevant to Moogsoft AIOps. It is responsible for the following:

  • Creating alerts.

  • Analyzing alerts to determine their significance.

  • Clustering alerts into Situations.

  • Performing automation relating to the automated response such as escalation, routing, notification, invitation of either alerts or Situations.

The topics in this guide help you configure the data processing components of Moogfarmd:

You can run one or many instances of Moogfarmd on your Moogsoft AIOps system.


The Moogsoft AIOps installation installs Moogfarmd as a service:


A backup Moogfarmd service script is located at $MOOGSOFT_HOME/etc/service-wrappers/moogfarmd.

If you run multiple instances of Moogfarmd on the same host, copy and modify the default Moogfarmd service script for each Moogfarmd running on the host:

  1. Copy $MOOGSOFT_HOME/etc/service-wrappers/moogfarmd to /etc/init.d/mymoogfarmd.

  2. Edit the following parameters in the /etc/init.d/mymoogfarmd file:

  3. You now have a new service to be used to start your own specific Moogfarmd:

    service mymoogfarmd start

For information on starting, stopping and configuring Moogfarmd, see the Moogfarmd Reference.