Audit Trail

Administrators can use the audit trail feature to review actions that have been performed on Situations or alerts. For example, you might want to view Situations that were resolved and closed within the last two weeks. You can use the Graze API endpoints getAlertActions and getSituationActions to achieve this. See Graze API for details.

When a user performs an action on a Situation or an alert, Moogsoft AIOps records the user that performed this action and the time that it occurred. When a user resolves a Situation, Moogsoft AIOps does not mark the alerts within it as resolved and no audit information is recorded for the individual alerts. When a user closes a Situation, the effect on the alerts within it depends on the setting in the Systems > Configure > Workflow tab. Moogsoft AIOps records audit information for any alerts that are closed when the Situation is closed.

If a user manually resolves or closes individual alerts, Moogsoft AIOps records the user that performed the action and time that it occurred.

You can use the Moogsoft AIOps UI, Graze API, or MoogDb V2 to resolve or close Situations and alerts. See Graze API and MoogDb V2 for details of the resolveSituation, closeSituation, resolveAlerts, and closeAlert endpoints/methods.