MoogDb V2

You can query and manipulate a variety of entities in the Moogsoft AIOps database using the MoogDb v2 Moobot module.

The module uses various methods to retrieve information from MoogDb and update components of Moogsoft AIOps including alerts, Situations, users and teams.

All MoogDb v2 methods that update the database also publish information about the appropriate updated entities on the Configure the Message Bus, so any updated information automatically appears in Moogsoft AIOps when the relevant method is called.

Load MoogDb v2

You can load the MoogDb v2 module into any standard MooBot by defining a new global object called moogdb at the top of the JavaScript file:

var moogdb = MooBot.loadModule('MoogDb.V2');


See MoogDb V2 API Method Reference for details of all the MoogDb v2 API methods.