MoogDb V2 API Method Reference

This is a reference list for the MoogDb v2 API methods. Follow the links to see the details and examples of each method.


The following methods relate to alerts:

Processes and Maintenance

The following methods relate to the processes and maintenance:


The following methods relate to Situations:

User Management

The following methods relate to the management of users, teams and roles:

  • createTeam: Creates a new team, by passing an object containing team information.

  • createUser: Creates a user, by passing an object containing user properties.

  • deleteTeam: Deletes a single team.

  • getTeam: Returns a team's details by team ID or team name.

  • getTeams: Returns details of all teams.

  • getTeamsForService: Returns all teams related to a service.

  • getTeamSituationIds: Returns the total number of Situations, and a list of the Situation IDs, associated with a team.

  • getUser: Returns details of a user.

  • getUserName: Returns the username for a user ID.

  • getUserRoles: Returns the roles of a user.

  • getUsers: Returns details of all users.

  • getUserTeams: Returns the team IDs and team names for a user.

  • updateTeam: Updates an existing team.

  • updateUser: Updates an existing user.


The following methods relate to the Workflow Engine:

  • createWorkflow: Creates a new workflow at the end of a Workflow Engine Moolet sequence.

  • deleteWorkflow: Deletes a workflow from a Workflow Engine Moolet.

  • getWorkflowEngineMoolets: Returns a list of Workflow Engine Moolets and the functions available in each.

  • getWorkflows: Returns the workflows for a Workflow Engine Moolet.

  • reorderWorkflows: Reorders the sequence of workflows within a Workflow Engine Moolet.

  • updateWorkflow: Updates one or more existing workflows in the Workflow Engine.