Datadog integration ►

You can use the Datadog integration to ingest Datadog metrics and events into Moogsoft. This integration performs anomaly detection on all metrics and generates events for detected anomalies before ingestion. You can also ingest Datadog events using a Datadog webhook.

The metric polling rate is 1 minute (rate limited) and the event polling rate is 30 seconds (not rate limited). You might experience rate limiting if you collect a lot of unique metrics (approaching 1000 or more). Contact Datadog support if you are a heavy user of Datadog and need to have these limits increased. For more information, search for "API rate limits" in the Datadog documentation.

You can also use the Datadog API to create, retrieve, update, and delete Datadog integrations.

See the Datadog documentation for details on Datadog components.

Before you begin

This integration was validated in Datadog on May 22, 2020. Before you set up your integration, ensure you have met the following requirements for each Datadog instance:

  • The port for your Datadog server is open and accessible from Moogsoft.

  • Your Datadog system can accept HTTPS requests.

  • You know your Datadog server URL.

  • You know your Datadog API key and Application Key.

Recommendations and best practices

Moogsoft recommends the following:

  • To minimize latencies in the transfer of data from Datadog to Moogsoft, use this integration to ingest metrics, and the Datadog webhook integration to ingest events.

  • It is good practice to ingest CloudWatch data directly using the AWS CloudWatch Integration rather than via Datadog. Ingesting CloudWatch data collected via Datadog can introduce latencies in the CloudWatch data.

Obtain your API key and Application key in Datadog

Copy your API key:

  1. From your Datadog account, click Integrations > APIs in the left-hand navigation panel, and then click API Keys in the page.

  2. Copy your API key.

Create your Application key:

  1. From your Datadog account, click Integrations > APIs in the left-hand navigation panel, and then click Application Keys have moved to the Teams page.

  2. Click New Key.

  3. Name your new key, and then click Create Key.

  4. Copy your Application key (not the Key ID).

Set up the Integration in Moogsoft

  1. Set up your Datadog credentials:

    1. Choose Settings > Credentials Store > Datadog.

    2. Create a new profile with your Datadog API Key and Application Key.

  2. Go to Data Config > Ingestion Services > Datadog and create a new integration:

    1. Name -- Enter a unique name. You cannot edit or update this name once you create the integration.

    2. Credentials -- Select the Credentials Store profile you created previously.

    3. Data Types -- Select the data you want to collect (events and/or metrics).

The UI shows the integration status after setup. The status can be one of the following:

  • Starting - The integration is scheduled to begin polling for data from Datadog.

  • Running - integration is polling Datadog successfully.

  • Disconnected -- The integration was disconnected due to credential issues. Confirm your Credentials Store definition has the correct Datadog API and application keys.

  • Limited -- The integration has temporarily stopped collecting data due to hourly polling limits in Datadog.

  • Stopped -- The integration stopped running due to an internal issue.

You do not need to perform any integration-specific steps on your Datadog systems. After you set up the integration, it polls each Datadog server at regular intervals to collect metrics and events.