Azure push Integration

Set up Azure integration to generate the alerts you want to send to the Moogsoft Moogsoft endpoint.

This integration was validated with Azure Common Alert Schema alertContextVersion 1.0 on 4th Oct 2021.

Create a new Azure integration in Moogsoft

  1. Log in to your Moogsoft instance.

  2. Choose Data Config > Ingestion Services > Azure.

  3. Click Add New Integration.

  4. Define the Moogsoft Endpoint and API Description based on your business needs, then click Save.

  5. The integration is displayed in a new page. Click Save at the bottom of the page.

The new Azure integration includes a custom endpoint, a set of default mappings to convert Azure alerts to Moogsoft EVENTS, and a deduplication key to group similar events into alerts. You can now set up Azure to send data to this endpoint, as described in the following section.

(Optional) Once your endpoint starts receiving data from Azure, you can customize how the integration maps and deduplicates this data. See Map External Data to the Moogsoft Schema and Test your Deduplication Key under Define a custom integration.

Configure your Azure instance