Topology Builder Utility Command Reference


If you would like to use the topology feature, contact Moogsoft support for guidance.

The Topology Builder utility topology_builder is a command line utility to:

  • Build a topology from a .csv file

  • Configure the rebuilding of the topology

The utility is located at $MOOGSOFT_HOME/bin.

See Import a Topology for more information.


topology_builder [ --topology-file <csv filename> ] [ --rebuild <percentage> ] [ --log_level INFO|WARN|DEBUG|TRACE ] --help




-l, --log_level

String, one of INFO | WARN | DEBUG | TRACE

Log level controlling the amount of information logged by the utility. Default is INFO.

-r, --rebuild

Integer <percentage>

The utility rebuilds the topology when the percentage of unlabeled nodes exceeds this value. If you do not enter a percentage value, the topology is not rebuilt.

-t, --topology-file

String <csv_filename>

Name of the .csv file containing the pairs of connected nodes with an optional weighting value.

-h, --help


Display the utility options and syntax.


topology_builder --topology-file topology.csv --rebuild 20 -l WARN