Tarball - Upgrade Core components

Follow these steps to perform a Tarball upgrade on the Moogsoft AIOps Core components to v7.3 from v7.0.x, v7.1.x, or 7.2.x:

  • Elasticsearch

  • Moogfarmd

  • RabbitMQ

  • Events Analyser

These components should always reside on the same server.

Refer to Upgrade Moogsoft AIOps for general information and upgrade instructions for other components and versions.

Stop services and processes

Delete the Elasticsearch indexes and stop Elasticsearch

Stop Elasticsearch (if it is running):

$MOOGSOFT_HOME/bin/utils/process_cntl elasticsearch stop

Upgrade Moogsoft AIOps

Merge the latest configuration file changes

Update the RabbitMQ configuration

Upgrade Moogsoft Add-ons

Moogsoft periodically releases add-ons to extend and enhance the core Moogsoft AIOps functionality. For example, new Workflow Engine functions, new Workflow Engines, or Integrations tiles. All add-ons releases are cumulative and include the fixes from previous releases.

Upgrading the Moogsoft AIOps core components replaces any manually installed add-ons with versions of those add-ons that come with the upgrade by default. These default versions can be an earlier version than the manually installed versions of the add-ons.

Once you have finished upgrading the core components, you should install the Moogsoft AIOps add-ons to ensure you have the latest versions of these add-ons.

See Install Moogsoft Add-ons for more information on how to install the Moogsoft AIOps add-ons.Install Moogsoft Add-ons

Next steps

To continue with the upgrade, see Tarball - Upgrade database components.