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Concept explainer: Auto-close in Moogsoft Cloud

This video explains how the auto-close feature works in Moogsoft Cloud.

Moogsoft lists all open alerts and incidents, but let’s face it… you won’t investigate some of the alerts and incidents


They did not lead to a major issue, or they are simply too old and you should rather be focusing on what’s impacting your world NOW.


Or, maybe you resolved an issue but just forgot to change the incident status to “closed”.


To avoid more current and important issues from getting buried under older ones, Moogsoft automatically closes the old alerts and incidents behind the scenes.


Here’s the default behavior. If all alerts in an incident are closed, then you no longer need to work on that incident.


So Moogsoft waits for 60 minutes, then auto-close the incident.


Incidents are also auto-closed if it stays unclosed for 7 days. Because honestly, you won’t be working on such an old incident, would you?


On the alert side, if an alert is resolved Moogsoft will change the status of it after half an hour.  Alerts also gets closed if they are still open after 72 hours since it’s reported.


You can change the default settings from here.


But remember, incidents and alerts are interrelated. So not only a change in one incident can affect multiple alerts included in that incident,


but also a change in status with one alert can affect multiple incidents.