Time Filter Action

This action is useful if you want to apply actions to events that occur only in certain time windows or on certain days of the week.

This action takes the following inputs:

  • The time window start and end.


    To ensure that the filter applies across all time zones, enter the time range in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

  • The days of the week to run the action.

  • Exit option — If the event does not match the filter, the workflow can either

    • Skip to the next workflow, or

    • Drop the event.


Suppose you have a set of nodes that run a set of automated maintenance jobs on Sundays between 12:00 AM and 1:00 AM. You want to specify a workflow that sets the class field to maintenance if an event arrives from any of these nodes during this window.

To do this creat a workflow with three actions: a Trigger, a Time Filter, and a Template Field action.

  1. The Trigger filters on the nodes of interest:

    source in (infraManager00, infraManager01, infraManager02)

  2. The Time Filter specifies the maintenance time window:

    Time Range = 12:00 AM → 01:00 AM

    Day = Sunday

  3. The Template Field action updates the class field if the event matches the source and time filters:

    Template = maintenance

    Output Field = Class

If there are active Situations impacting the service, then "Impacted for" displays instead.